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Chapter 30: Page 18

January 1st, 2018, 8:05 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Soooo. Uh. Happy New Year.

This page has been half finished least 3 weeks? I'm not really sure what was keeping me from working on it other than lack of motivation. Sure, I'm busy, but not THAT busy.

Looking back on this past year, it's been...a really rough one, art-wise. Inspiration and motivation were fleeting and inconsistent, I wasn't happy with a lot of the stuff I was finishing, and add computer issues, work issues (DEAR GOD the work issues), and personal issues into the mix and it just wasn't a good year in that regard. And the comic definitely suffered for it.

That said, as far as this coming year goes, I'm hoping things settle down a bit. New job is going fairly well so far and I'm PRAYING that it stays that way; I really don't know what I'll do if it winds up being as miserable as the last two. My paychecks have hopefully increased enough that I'll be able to afford a new computer soon--this thing needs to retire, I think. I've been...trying to work on some personal problems, mostly the sort that have me dragging out things I know aren't working due to some fear of change.

Anyway. I'm not exactly sure what the future will hold for DC, but I'm sure I'll keep plodding along with it somehow. If I can make myself get back to a regular schedule, well, it's a lot easier to keep up with when it's already a habit. My work schedule is pretty erratic (which, to be fair, is how I like it), but I'll try not to let that throw me off forever. I would really like to get back to working mostly digitally; the traditional inking is sort of fun sometimes but other times it's just a huge pain...and it's a lot harder to fix things.

So, all I can really say right now is that I hope things will be better this year and that I'll get back on track with a lot of things. I hope all of your 2018s go well, too.

See you...sometime later this week, no promises on Thursday specifically.

(Oh, a note about the actual page, since I think someone asked about this on the last page and I forgot to answer--that is not a poison demon that Sam is riding, but it is a closely related species.)

And You Say...

ZZ Digital says,

Happy new year!

"Hey, dude, where's your sword?"
"It's in the ground over there."
"Why is it there? You might need it!"
"Ok, but dude, if the dreamer runs off in this direction I can grab it with my long arm while riding by and it'll look totally sweet."

ShadowStalker1128 says,

Run Forrest, run!!!

Happy New Year! Hope things work out for you ^^

I was the one who asked the question. That’s neat, thanks for replying!

Hazumirein says,

@ZZ Digital: I knew someone was going to call me out on that arm haha. It was already inked by the time I realized how off it looked.

Comments, anyone?