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Chapter 33: Cover

January 3rd, 2019, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

We're back! Happy New Year!

So, I didn't quite get to where I wanted to with pages, but I'm coming into this month with this plus pages 1-9 complete, 10-12 penciled, and the whole chapter thumbnailed, so that's something I guess.

I did prove that despite my best efforts, this is pretty much the maximum amount of pages I can get done in a month--and trust me, they were my best efforts--so I really have been pretty much working at maximum capacity with 2 pages per week. Iiii dunno. I'm gonna keep tossing around ideas to make this move faster. Still don't want to be an old lady by the time I finish this thing but goddammit I AM going to finish it.

I've been advised to take another look at my script and see if there are extraneous parts I can cut out...and I'm sure there I'm gonna do that and see if I can't make this a less daunting project.

Anyway! I hope you enjoy this chapter! I think it's pretty fun.

PS. A song that I associate with Arashi, for some reason: "Let's Go" - Cartel.

And You Say...

Casanova (Guest) says,

Oh my, it's QUEEN Arashi!

Comments, anyone?