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DC 2.0 Progress Update 2

April 20th, 2019, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Figured I was due for another one of these updates. Most important news: We have a new title! And a logo. Kept the tagline for now because it still works, I think?

I considered a number of subtitles for this new iteration of DC, and have ultimately settled on "Reflections" for a lot of personal and thematic reasons. I'm taking a more careful, thought out approach to pretty much everything about the series this time in hopes of not backing myself into so many corners that I can't get out of. We spent some time on the lore and worldbuilding, and while that's not 100% complete, I've got enough that I'm starting to write scripts of the first few chapters. Actually, I'm writing second draft scripts of the first few chapters, because the first drafts I wrote awhile ago didn't really accomplish what I wanted them to. Sometimes art is coming before story, first rewrite of chapter 3 turned out a LOT like the original comic version, but then I sat down and came up with a new design for Dae (I'll post that eventually), and it got me thinking about that character a little differently. So, a lot of his intro chapter got scrapped and rewritten AGAIN into something I like better, albeit still in need of tweaking.

I think most noteworthy story change so far is that I'm pushing the start of it a few years further down the line, so everyone is about three years older. I won't go into the laundry list of reasons that I wanted to age up the characters, but taking time to think about how those extra couple of years affect them as people, and where they are in life, has been interesting. Ultimately they're still the same band of idiots you know and love, but slightly more...mature? I think? A little? So far I'm having fun writing it, so I hope that you guys will eventually have fun reading it.

I'm still looking at releasing sometime this summer, probably July or August. I want to make sure I have a good amount of the writing done and some kind of buffer ready to go before I start posting. I'm also still working on the format, but thus far the winning idea is a sort of comic/illustrated novel hybrid that's sometimes passages of text, sometimes illustrations, sometimes just comic pages with speech bubbles and all. It, uh, makes more sense when you see it laid out.

Anyway that's pretty much where we're at right now! Sorry if this is rambly, I'm trying to post it before I fall asleep at my desk XP I will be back sometime next month with another update.

PS. If you're interested in getting more frequent updates about the reboot process, seeing concept art, and/or giving feedback on this thing as it's being put together, I'm looking at putting together an email list for this series! I don't want to just post everything here and spam people, but for those who want more than my monthly stop-ins on SJ, you can leave me your email here to hear from me more often!

PPS. I'll post the full version of the art in this update elsewhere and leave a link here when I get a minute, as it didn't fit right here in its natural state because I wasn't thinking about that when I built this website |D

And You Say...

dracone says,

It certainly looks pretty

Birdz555 says,

Ah I love the new title! I think it's a great choice.

Zuca Stormaxe (Guest) says,

I like the title, feels very fitting. But, I have one request: keep the tagline. I cannot think of a better way to describe the comic, in any reboot, than "Welcome to your OTHER reality." so simple at first, yet so deep if you think about it...

PLUS, it's just awesome.

Can't wait for the new story, by the way. Been reading Dreamcatcher for over a year at least, and I LOVE IT. Congrats on being a successful comic artist, in my mind if no others.

Comments, anyone?