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Chapter 1: Page 57

January 1st, 2008, 1:12 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,



I'm actually a bit late posting it here XD. It was supposed to be /before/ it officially became 2008 here. But oh well. I'm surprised I got it done when I said I would. Anyway.

OK SO GUYS. Yes, you reader peoples. Now is the time to tell me what you think. Seriously, I'd reeaaally appreciate some feedback on the first chapter. Anything you have to say is good.

I don't like to ask, but please please please LEAVE ME SOME COMMENTS~~~

XD I'll shut up now. Happy New Year everybody.

Hazumirein says,

Ahaha, I'm only like, a few weeks late in replying to comments XP.

@Phooka: Hah, you know I didn't even notice my mistake in that first panel until you pointed it out. I completely forgot to tone in Riza's shirt and didn't think to put any sort of background there XD. Whoops. And yeah, I do slack off quite a bit actually. XD I need to work on that. But yeah, thanks for the comment, and glad you like the comic! =3

@Advocate: Eh, it's not really that she didn't notice the paws, the tail was just more important XD. And I couldn't fit everything in there. And you actually caught my little plot hole with the crystal thing. I will find a way and explain eventually though XP.

@Käp'N Koneitzko: Thank you! Glad you like it =3. And actually Advocate has a point, I'm still working on an explanation for that part XD. Yay plotholes? Anyway, thanks again :3

And You Say...

Phooka says,

Happy New Year!

Okay feedback:

Well I really like this comic. It has quality artwork, as in nice shading and tones.

Though on this page Riza, in the first pannel, looks odd since most of her is just line art. Since the hair and ears are "coloured" (in grey) it seems odd.

You /can/ see improvement though-from this page to the first. I hope you noticed that and are proud of where you've come.

Overall the comic is a very enjoayble read, with stunning art and blah, blah, blah. Sorry I was sounding too much like some uptight secretary.

-cough- Anyways, the comic's great but when you slack off on the same page as something you really put effort into it shows. ;D

---Not that you do that a lot, just saying. ^^

Advocate (Guest) says,

She noticed the ears and the tail, but why didn't she notice what happened to her feet? And how exactly did Luna open the gate without the crystal?

Käp'N Koneitzko (Guest) says,


This comic ist wunderbar!!! I love th story line and, as always, the artwork is amazing. I disagree about the ears and tail and such, they should be different tones, especially because there now fur-covered... come on now people! She didn't open the gate without the crystal, wtf you talking bout' Advocate? lol... Much love, Ich liebe dich!!! <3!!!

käp'N Konietzko (Guest) says,

My Bad

It's foreshadowing!

Sorrows Neptune says,


I can't wait to see more cool monsters in the series!thats pretty much all I can say. (except nice work on the story-line *so-far* :P)

fancy pants (Guest) says,

Amazing, simply amazing

This comic has already reached epic levels. Plus I always enjoyed my dream catcher as a kid. and I feel like I've been here before, but that may that I'm comic psychic. Trust me, I really am.

Comments, anyone?