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On Half Creatures: Example 2

February 15th, 2008, 9:54 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Here’s the second example; this time a half-horse…or maybe a pony. I sorta killed the horse form’s anatomy XP. She was designed off the top of my head and won’t appear in the comic. If anyone wants to give her a name, go right ahead XD.

Notes by number continued:

(7) Some animals, like horses, usually have darker-colored skin where they have darker markings. I’m pretty sure dogs are like this too, but don’t hold me to it (XD My dog is all white, so I don’t have an example to look at.) Obviously there are exceptions to this, like blue roan horses, but to my understanding, this is generally the way it goes. In half-creatures, only markings on the skin appear in both forms. Darker fur markings, on the other hand, only show up in the animal form and in furry areas (like the ears) of the half form. For example. My pet rabbit almost all black fur, but pink skin, so if he were a half-rabbit, the only black parts would be his ears, tail, paws, etc.

(8) Fingernails in half-form are based on those in full-form. Like, a half-horse would have large, thick nails because of their hooves, while a half-cat would have retractable claws, etc.

(9) Size of a half-creature’s half-animal form depends partly on what animal they are. A horse, like this girl here, would be tall and sort of bulky. Something like a half-rabbit, however, would be much smaller.

(10) Half-horses are an example of those ungulugrades I was talking about. Besides that, as you can see, the markings on the legs move down a bit in the half-form. That’s just because of the way the legs change between forms.

Other notes- Special Cases:

(11) Half-birds: Now this isn’t set in stone, but presumably, half-birds’ wings in half-form would be their arms. Think about it, in real birds, there’s only 4 limbs; two of which are the wings. So yeah, half-bird arms would probably have feathers and otherwise be modified so they could fly in both forms. Think of a harpy or something XD.

(12) Half-fish: Probably have gills in one form and lungs in the other. Though I really don’t know.

(13) Half- amphibians, marsupials, etc.: I have no idea. You’ll have to use your imagination on that one.

(14) Breeds do exist in half-creatures. Like, you could have 2 half-dogs, and have one be a Dalmatian and the other a German Sheppard. Mutts are there too.

And that’s about it for the info. Yeah, I have way too much time to think about this stuff. Now, even I’M probably not going to adhere to every single one of these rules in the comic. There are always little exceptions and whatnot. And to honest, Riza’s not a great example of a half-creature because she breaks quite a few rules. There’s a reason for that, but…yeah, don’t use her as an example. As for this little contest idea, I’ll get back to that in a couple days or something. I’m not going to expect you to follow every half-creature rule, either, especially the not quite worked out ones like the birds’ wings and fish gills. I’d never get a single entry XD. So gimme a day or two on this, and I’ll get back to you on it.

And You Say...

Phooka says,



I shall await more details.

(Oh and I actually liked all the details X3)

Captain Ghost says,

I read something about contest on the last page but... -doesn't get it-

I'ma wait for more details too.

Nice comic, by the way.

Comments, anyone?