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Chapter 2: Page 13

March 8th, 2008, 2:17 pm

And You Say...

DJHyena13 says,

"Heh, no....well technically yes...but no."

LOLz I like the old man xD

fancy pants (Guest) says,

that reminds me

That reminds me of some old show where a girl from our world got an amulet from an old dude and could go to Sherwood forest. But that's all I remember of it, and I seem to be the only to even know about it.

Asj says,

This is an interesting comic. ^_^
I was going to mention something I liked, but DJHyena13 already said it. ^_^"
Hmm... if the contest is still on, I'm curious about what I'd look like as a cat so I might try it next week...

Comments, anyone?