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Chapter 3: Page 1

April 6th, 2008, 4:57 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

And so...

...Chapter 3 begins! You have no idea how long I've been wanting to get to this one XD. I'm starting to regret it, what with the massive art problems I've been having lately, but oh well, I'll manage. At least this page turned out pretty decent. I like the outdoor backgrounds.

Anyway, you can consider those boxes of Riza narrarration to be like, her (maybe just mental) journal or something. Granted, my/her handwriting's not that neat, but too bad XD.

And why yes, today is indeed April 6, 2008. So now you have a good idea of exactly when this comic takes place.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the chapter, and once again, don't forget about the half-creature contest! (I'm sure you're all getting sick of me reminding you XP)

And You Say...

Phooka says,

Neat page.
-wishes she could travel to other dimensions-

BlackCatz says,

Awesome page... *dies from envy*... looking forward to what happens!!!

Sorrows Neptune says,

so this comic takes place exactly 2 years before now.

also I just noticed, this comic now has 78 fans, when I became a fan, it only had 40.

Hazumirein says,

@Phooka: Haha, me too XP. That'd be neat.

@BlackCatz: Hehe, thank you, and glad you're looking forward to it. ^.^

@Sorrows: Basically. Actually when I started drawing it there was only a few months between the comic and real life XD. But yeah, this page/chapter in particular would be two years ago today.

Jhac says,

I'm am just loving this comic. =D Definately a fav. Keep up the good work!

Xentrick says,

This really is a great comic. I wasn't expecting much at first, thinking it was going to be yet another story of cross-dimensional travel, but you've really made it your own. Not only is the story shrouded in mystery and suspense, but the characters are have great personalities. I really like Luna. I've alway wondered what it's like to be a wolf demon. Oh, I'm babbling again, sorry. Anyway, great job on the comic and I cant wait to read on. :-)

Asj says,

I just thought of something...
If she's going at night, I wonder if she gets very sleepy... I kind'a was thinking about that first time she came, but I guess she wouldn't be sleepy with all that stuff happening. ^_^"
(It'd be nice having a place like that when you need more time to study or sleep... Although I suppose Luna wouldn't like it someone using the place like that.)

Koal says,

This kinda reminds me of Inuyasha except less dramatic and less dangerous, well at least so far but what I've seen, I'm hooked and I'll keep reading!

Charlotte057 says,

10 years ago..... o-o;;

Comments, anyone?