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Chapter 3: Page 9

May 4th, 2008, 1:56 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hiya =D

Only one page today, since 10 and 11 fit together a bit better than 9 and 10. LOOKIT THE UGLY SPEEDLINES =D

Before I do anything, just for the record, I probably oughta warn you that this is about where DC picks up its PG-13 sorta rating. Nothing big, just some mild language (mostly on Luna and that theif kid's part) and some rat demon blood. So if you guys are all okay with that, then awesome. If not...oh well XP

Anyway, one thing I've been neglecting to mention lately is that half-creature contest. It doesn't seem I'll be getting any more entries, so I suppose I'll end it here :P If anyone's got an argument, speak up now.

There's just gonna be a bit of a change in the prizes. Since I really didn't get enough entries to feel right picking a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (which is probably my fault for doing something like this in the first place), I'll just be chooosing 1 first prize winner. Sorry guys :P. But, on the other hand, since there are so few of you, I'll do a sketch request for everyone else that entered, okay? Anyway, I'll get back to you all with the winner next update.

Anyway, just for fun, I have a little question for you guys (which I'm totally stealing from alexisneo's nifty comic of nearly the same name as my own).
If DC were ever to be made into an anime (yeah right XD), what voice actors/seiyuu do you think would fit the characters? I've mostly got non-Earth ones like Luna, Raus, Ooji, and maybe Riza in mind. So, just for fun, tell me what you guys think. =P

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Woot! First comment.
I don't know who I'd recommend as voices as I don't really need or use them when I watch media. I'm Deaf :).
Nice page btw - like the rendering of the rats.

Pokemon? says,

English voice actors? Well, lesse... probably Andy McAvin for the old man (sorry, Ooji), Vic Mignogna for Raus, Luci Christian for Riza, and Kaytha Coker for Luna.

Aw... I missed the contest cuz I didn't know about this comic til today. :P Oh well. You want some fanart? ^^;

Phooka says,

I love pannel four. <3

As for voice actors I have no idea. xp

Hazumirein says,

@BlackCatz: ...Well, that would be a good reason not to know. ^^; Ah, I feel kinda bad now.
But thanks =3. Glad you like it.

@Pokemon: Well Andy McAvin and Kaytha Coker are new names to me, but thinking about it the other two might just work XP Vic Migcogna is the last person I would've considered for Raus, but now that I think about, he'd probably be good XD.
And hey, don't worry about the contest, it was no big deal really. I'm just glad to have gained another reader =3 (Not that I'd say no to fanart though XD)

@Phooka: Haha, yay panel four? XD

BlackCatz says,

~ don't feel too bad Hazumirein-Sensei; You didn't know I was Deaf XD

Besides; I'm with Tyto Alba ~ would be interesting to see this as a anime.

Sorrows Neptune says,

I can't say, I don't really now know any voice actors at all. seriously. (no offense to all those great voice actors out there!)

so the contest is over eh? will I win?! will Tyto Alba win!? will Blackcatz win!? will any of the people i most defiantly forget win!? (no offense), we'll find out soon!

Comments, anyone?