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Chapter 3: Page 13

May 11th, 2008, 4:59 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey! Theif kid's back! XP Not very resolute, is he?

Anyway, happy Mother's Day all, (despite the fact that I figure few SJers are moms--I sure ain't). Here we have a somewhat less violent update than last time XP. Action break much. And man am I getting sick of those rats.

ANYWAY, before I start rambling, let's get to the interesting part of this post: The half-creature contest winner! Now I already told you guys I was only gonna pick one winner instead of 3 due to lack of participation, but everyone else who entered gets a free sketch request. And I'll get back to that in a minute, but first off, our winner!

And the winner is...*drumroll*

Tyto Alba! For her lovely half-owl, Artemis. Lookie:

As for why I picked this one, well, for one there was obviously some effort in the art portion of it, with color, BG, nice design, etc. Also, Tyto gave her a background story, a personality...really actually created a character, which is what I was looking for, really. Truthfully, I'm pretty sure Art could walk into DC's world with few if any alterations. In fact I might even give her a cameo somewhere, if that's okay with her creator =)

So, Tyto, your prize is a full CG with a simple/brush BG (because painting backgrounds is really time consuming and I'm not very good at it) of pretty much whatever you like. PM me for more details on that, and we'll work out a prize. ^^

Anyway, back to the sketch prizes, you guys can also request pretty much anything. Though, try to keep it to 1-2 characters, and please, please stay away from pairing stuff. Nothing against it, I just can't draw couples of any kind to save my life. ^^; Sorry 'bout that. But yeah, you guys can PM me about those whenever you figure out your requests.

Anyway, now that I've taken forever typing this out, hopefully you guys enjoyed the contest, and even more so, hope you're all enjoying Dreamcatcher ^^. See ya!

And You Say...

Kochi-chan says,

Yay an update! I can't wait to read more I love the second last panel

BlackCatz says,

Congrats, TytoAlba!! Your art is amazing!!

As for the new pages - wow. Soo that kid turns up now- pretty slow at decision making eh?
WHAT promise?! Tell, tell!! XD

Captain Ghost says,

Congrats, Tyto! ^^ nice job.

Pokemon? says,

Woooow. That is some really nice art, there, Tyto! Congratulations!!

And that thief kid? He's funny. So indecisive.

Hazumirein says,

@BlackCatz: Yeah, just a little XP And that promise? Seeecreeet~ =3

@Tyto: Haha, I thought you might like that, on both the winning and the cameo =3

And yay for that big panel XD The funny part about it is that was my least favorite part of this page until I got it finished. Now I like it XD. And feel free to call him Theif Guy as long as you like XD We'll find out his name later in the chapter, but nicknames are more fun anyway X3

@Pokemon: Isn't he though? It's kind of odd, "indecisive" wasn't any part of his personality until I drew this page. XD Now I think it might stick.

Phooka says,

Love that owl girl.
Congrats! <3

Sorrows Neptune says,

you mentioned that everyone that entered will get a sketch prize? :3

anyways, congrats Tyto alba! pretty nice drawing too!

Hazumirein says,

@xXvampires_Twilightx: Thanks. ^^

@Sorrows: Haha, yeah, you all do :3.

Comments, anyone?