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Chapter 3: Page 15

May 15th, 2008, 9:00 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Heyyyy everybody. *almost late again* =D

Well, theif kid steps in for his own reasons and saves the day...or at least helps out. Why he's using his left hand for that knife is beyond me, actually O_o I guess I accidently made him a lefty. Whoops. Anyways, yeah, no more rats. (Thank God. I'm so sick of drawing/inking/toning them >.<)

Anywho, in other news, I'm turning 16 on Saturday! Whoo! So stay off the roads XD. I can draw, I can drum, but driving's another story. But yay. *dances*

And...oh, before I forget, hey you contest enterers, I owe you guys a sketch request a piece, just so you know =D. So when you've got something for me to draw, feel free to PM me about it and we'll see what we can do :3

Annnddd...that's all. See ya Sunday! (What, it's not like I'm gonna take a day off just 'cause it's my birthday XP)

EDIT 8/9/12: Redrawn page. Never liked the original at all.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Happy EARLY Birthday!
Enjoy being 16! XD
(I did).
Anyway nice action over the 2 new pages- bet you're def sick of rats; but now I bet the 2 will now look @ Thief Guy with both suspection and thanks for help- wonder which will be first!! But they don't know he's Thief Guy true? So I wonder what kinda guy he'll try to do with them??
Questions! Questions!
Whatever- enjoy your day and don't overdo the cake, eh?

Hazumirein says,

@Tyto: Thank youuuu~ :3

@BlackCatz: Thanks =3
And ooh, questions indeed. As for for the answers, you'll just have to wait and see~~ X3
...And I like cake XP

Xentrick says,

Happy belated birthday, since I'm writing this in August

Ariadneowl says,

Whoa! Your drawings are amazing, and you're only a year older than me! ( well, at least when you wrote that comment) you must have worked really hard at it.

Hazumirein says,

@Arladneowl: Hahaha oh god I forgot how long this comic had been up. I drew the original version of this page at 16. The one that's up nowadays is a redrawn version I did at...18 or 19? And at the present day, I'm 22.

Comments, anyone?