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Chapter 3: Page 20

May 26th, 2008, 7:22 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Ok, not only am I a day late, but there's only one page. Gah. *falling behind* Sorry guys, my bad. This was just one of those "absolutely no will to work" sort of weekends, I guess. Luckily, this page can kind of stand alone, so I guess it's ok. I might just try for 3 on Thursday. We'll see, 'cause I have finals and stuff going on this week.

Otherwise...tone shading anyone? I dunno, I just didn't feel like doing the smooth ink shading stuff. So I tried some cell-shading with the screentones. I guess it looks ok. What do you people think?

...Is it strange that my favorite panel on this page is the one with theif-kid? XD Uh, don't worry, he'll be alright. Mostly. Oh, and I had fun with Luna's expression in that last panel.

...One more thing. Due to a comment from Suzume about Riza's possible reasons for having gone after thief-kid, I should note that all she really wanted to do was thank him properly. Seriously. She didn't mean to knock him out.

And You Say...

CapriSun says,

...I can imagine her saying "Can we keep him? :3"

And lol, the cell sading w/e looks fine. xD


BlackCatz says,

owch ~ that's gonna be a serious scar for sure... ;A;

and what's with that smile, Riza??? Yup I agree with CapriSun: I can just hear her saying "Can we keep him, Luna?" like having a elf-pet...

seriously: I was getting a tad worried about not having your new update - still; it looks good; your experitment with the screentones - but it's all good - everything you've tried so far looks totally awesome ~

sweets8 says,

canwekeepemcanwekeepemcanwekeeeeepem?! XD

Zoal says,


just how old is that kid supposed to be? i've been trying to figure that out and i'm already chaught up, and still i'm not 100% sure of his age (don't wanna use his name because of spoilers) but i'm already re-reading this and scanning the comments looking for his age....

Comments, anyone?