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Chapter 3: Page 21

May 29th, 2008, 3:21 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Argh...what did I say the other day? 3 pages on Thursday? Yeah, right, sure. I'm surprised I finished this one -_-;

Sorry guys...the art thing's just been really slow going this week, for some reason. I have no motivation to work on anything beyond doodles. Seriously, I haven't even started my final project for art class yet >.< And I only have a week left of school.

As for Sunday...well we can HOPE I'll have two pages for you, but considering that I'll be gone all day tomorrow and won't have time to work on them, we'll see. I'll try my best though. I want this chapter out of the way, preferable before I go on vacation next weekend. (Haha. Yeah right. Argh.)

Anyway, yeah, enjoy? XP

And You Say...

CapriSun says,

Awhm. *huggles*

Poor thing. :/


Sorrows Neptune says,

Bird-Man (the artist for my web-comic) does about 0.8 pages a week, so I'm not complaining

BlackCatz says,

.. I'm not complaining here either ~ the page looks great too - like the backgrounds! :)

Besides; everyone has those down times every once in awhile - Just happy to see your new pages! XD

Pokemon? says,

No complaints here-- I'll wait for as long as it takes to see what happens next. What's a few more days/weeks?

Hazumirein says,

@CapriSun: Haha, president? XD

@Tyto: Eh, it's not as hard as it looks. Just time-consuming XP

@Sorrows: Haha, well that's..good to hear, I guess? XP By the way, I haven't forgotten that sketch request I owe you. I'll get it done XP

@BlackCatz: Ack, but my downtimes are so annoying~~ *fells unproductive* But thanks anyway XP

@Pokemon: Haha, glad you're willing to wait, anyway. XD Too bad It'd drive me nuts if I took too long.

Comments, anyone?