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Chapter 4: Cover

June 17th, 2008, 2:32 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey look, color!

Heh, I technically shouldn't be posting this until Thursday, but it's rare that I color things, so you guys get it early.

This picture actually has little to do with the actual chapter XP. I mean, it's loosely related, but really I just wanted an excuse to draw Riza with a funny face. Daemian and Luna look absolutely thrilled, don't they? Actually, you could have either one of them saying that line in quotes at the bottom, haha. I don't know which myself.

But yeah. Still expect a page Thursday. Laters.

PS: Virtual cookie goes to anyone who can tell me where we've seen that bunny before XD

Hazumirein says,

@BlackCatz: I have no idea what story she's telling, but Daemian and Luna obviously don't care for it XD

@Captain Ghost: Thank you =3

@Sorrows: *tosses you virtual cookie* =3

@Tyto: Actually...I was kinda wondering where you were too XD. *is a loser* And thank you! =3 Er, except about the inferiority complex. That's probably not a good thing XD

@Aussie: XD Glad you like the fire. I like drawing fire. And glad you like the expressions too, I had too much fun for my own good with those XD

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Awww!! Love the rabbit!
LOL re Riza telling ghost story- you can tell Luna and Daeman are scared... Not.
Wonder which one she's telling? The one about the one armed freak?
The art is amazing!!

Edit: wow! First comment- where are you Tyto?

Captain Ghost says,

This is... absolutely gorgeous.

Sorrows Neptune says,

The bunny was in the chapter 2 cover

Aussie says,

My first thought... pretty fire... xD

Anywho, Risa and companies expression is priceless. I immediately cracked a smile and could barely hold back a chuckle. Very lovely, and very well colored... BUNNY!!! *Tackle Cuddle*

Sorry I haven't commented lately, been so busy I feel as though i'm about to pass out at the laptop. xD

OHHH!!! If you look closely at the smoke, it almost looks like a birdy!!!... Kay, i'm down now. *Curls back into my hole in the ground*

BlackCatz says,

@ Tyto: you must admit; we 2 are among the comment stalkers here, eh?

Pokemon? says,

Glad I'm not a comment stalker. :3 I only like to comment when I have time. :P

If you put the quotes into a thought bubble and connected them to both Luna and Daemion, they could be thinking the same thing. :3

sweetffa09 says,

this is great i love it
your a great artist

sweets8 says,


And yay, funny fishlips o3o

ingridochoa says,


coolest fire I've ever seen in my freaking life

vampie (Guest) says,

BUUUUNNNNYYYYYY yay btw nice fire and im practically rolling on the floor at rizas face luna and whats-his-face must be having a real good time NOT

vampie (Guest) says,

oh yeah bunny wuz from chapter 2 cover

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