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Chapter 4: Page 4

July 1st, 2008, 10:46 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I was gonna save this for Thursday like I usually do, but I spent such a ridiculously long time inking and toning it that I didn't want it to get pushed aside right away....and Aiden said I oughta just put it up now XD

So that's more along the lines of what Luna's house SHOULD look like. It was kinda weird and small last time I drew it. I finally discovered the guidlines thing in Photoshop, so it was much easier to draw things in perspective, haha.

Anyway, enjoy the early page. 'Nother one'll be up Thursday (and I think you guys'll like that one, haha :3)

And You Say...

Sorrows Neptune says,

wow… it looks way different (compare the shack in this page to the one in Page 42 of Chapter 1)

BlackCatz says,

I'm with Sorrows... Looks great and totally different!

Xentrick says,

Again, amazing the change in personality between Earth and Rokenthia-, but I guess that's what happens when you travel through a dream catcher.

-sorry if I spelled that wrong.

Asj says,

Nice building... That's Luna's place, isn't it? It's been fixed up since the first time she was there, I think.
Hmm... What's this guidlines thing you speak of? Perhaps that'd help me with buildings...

sweets8 says,

Now did Luna get off her arse and fix up the place, or did artist just find some tooiis to play with? Hmmmmm? lol

And I can't help it, dang, but what on earth is with the swirly things on her shirt?! Is it indicative to being in the dreamworld? Or is she wearing a magic baggy, monkey on her back, opposable hair, what, for the love of pete, tell meh!


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