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Chapter 4: Page 7

July 10th, 2008, 11:10 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Ugh...*dies* I hate this computer. You wouldn't believe the trouble it's been giving me today. NOTHING wanted to work right. But anyway.

HEY GUYS. I have a small announcement to make. And you probably won't like it that much. But I'm telling you anyway.

Ok, partly because I'm unusually busy this summer and because I'm lazy, I've decided that until the end of the summer, (i.e., when school starts), DC updates will be sporadic and pretty much just posted when I get pages done. I don't really want to do this, especially since I already cut back on updates a couple weeks ago, but lately trying to get these things done and done on time has become more of a chore than fun and it's just getting really hard to do, especially since there's a lot of other things I wanted to get done this summer that I won't have time for once school starts up that this is getting in the way of.

Now, note that I did NOT say I was going on hiatus or anything. Just sort of taking a break. There'll still be pages, they'll just be up when I feel like it as opposed to on a schedule. And if it's any consolation, I did almost this same thing last year and then jumped right back into it when I was back in school and it was stress relief instead of stress inducing XP.

Anyway, at the very least I can promise there won't be an update next week due to the fact that I'm going to be on vacation and won't have any internets. Originally I had planned to just do next week's update before I left, but there's no way in hell I'm getting that done on time XP.

So anyways, this break-thing or course means I'll be working on other art projects, so if you guys want you can pop over to my DA page to see what I'm up to.

So, again, I hate to do this, but it's probably for the better. See you guys later.

And You Say...

Sorrows Neptune says,

well it's as the saying goes

"when one works on a Comic, it is pointless to over-due
yourself when it takes up too much time"

well, I made that up but you get my point.

BlackCatz says,

@ Sorrows... LOL. But you've got a point...
Don't worry... I'm ok with sporadic uploads thru the summer.. I can understand that it's not fun when you don't really have a specific schedule as opposed to school year...

As for your 2 new pages- love the dyamics between the 3 of them... Sure shows their personalties!

Pokemon? says,

"Well, that's boring."

I love you, Riza.

Hazumirein says,

@Sorrows: XD I THINK I understood that. I do get the point, anyway.

@BlackCatz: Haha, thanks for understanding. And yay, I'm glad their personalities are coming across alright XP

@Tyto: XD Guess I'm not the only one slacking off.
And that's just great, everyone but me's gonna be happy when I start school again XD

BlackCatz says,

Sorry!! I didn't mean to "be happy for you to begin school again".. I meant that I'm ok with getting the upload whenever YOU do it- you're the artist/writer after all!! 'Sides, savor the summers when you still have them.. Wish I do! (Graduated school a LONG time ago- don't ask when!)

Hazumirein says,

@BlackCatz: XD No, no, don't worry, I was kidding. I know what you guys meant. And haha, don't worry, I am throughly enjoyimg my summer. :]

BlackCatz says,

*faints in relief*

Xentrick says,

At least you know not to overdue yourself. Until then, we will be dutifully waiting for new comics.

-P.S.-My comics currently on a bit of a hiatus, so you're doing better than me.

Comments, anyone?