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That Just Happened: Skirts and Trampolines

August 7th, 2008, 3:06 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Sorry guys, still no real update :P. I need to do something about that; I'm losing fans here.

But! Here's another one of those "That Just Happened" things like the math class one, based on something Mel was telling me about earlier. Basically, Aiden was being a guy. I'm not sure about Mel, but I got a good laugh out of the situation.

This is pretty paraphrased. I couldn't fit the entire conversation into a comic. But hey, it's something.

EDIT: Ya know what, just so I have something to keep to, I am promising you all now that there will be an update this weekend (unless something really durastic happens--unlikely). At least one page, preferably 2. Feel free to beat me with ears of corn if I don't deliver =D

And You Say...

Sorrows Neptune says,

that's funny.
is that you in the last panel?

EDIT: about you losing fans, at least your loyal fans will still stay.

Pokemon? says,

*gets corn ready*

Can't wait.

TheDarkJay says,

Isn't that a typical guy response? I think it's programmed into us or something. If a girl I know of my age started that conversation with me, that would be my EXACT response, word-for-word.

BlackCatz says,

*giggling madly* funny!! I can hear my bf saying stuff like that to me..
Happy to hear you're back- looking forward to seeing your updates.
*pokes Pokemon?- toss me some of the corn willya?*

TT.TT sorry to hear you're losing fans that's tough!

Hazumirein says,

...That's weird. My popup blocker tried to block the comment box O_o It's never done that before. Anyways.

@Sorrows: Yeah, it is. Or it could be Riza. Doesn't really matter. And the funny part about the fans thing is that when I put this up I regained the amount of fans I lost XD

@Pokemon: Oh dear XP

@TheDarkJay: XD Yeah, I think it is. I can't imagine the response would vary much with any guy I know either, haha.

@BlackCatz: XD I know, it's just so guyish. The funny part is, I only assumed on what Aiden's reaction was here, but according to him I got it pretty dead on XD.
And yeah, back I am =D. I was getting annoyed not updating anyways XP

sweets8 says,

nono, the whole STALK, root ball included *shling, sparkle, sparkle*


jk, jk, don't wanna give you excuses to not do teh arts >.>;

And pokemon, I luvs your icon!! (not that you'll ever see this probably, but meh -_-;)

Oh, and totally forgot, but you won't have to worry about me leaving, as I can not check in for months (if my willpower and nonbordom holds 8D) and still be thar, just so I can have a kabillion new pages, for the trillion comics I keep an eye on -_-; *again*

Even though I'm pretty much gonna finish this through till I'm at the current page, regardless that it's the wee hours of the midnight now, cuz I'm totally like that.

pffft, not like I gotta go to workz early anywho XD

KaiChi says,


Lolz! That's priceless! (and sounds like something my friend would be saying)

Comments, anyone?