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August 18th, 2008, 9:51 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


HEY GUYS. I need your opinions on something.

See this page? I wanna know if it’s half-decent looking as a comic style. All traditional inking, some minor Photoshop cleanup and speech bubbles.

However, I suppose I should explain why I need to know this. First off, no, this have absolutely nothing to do with DC. It’s going to stay exactly the way it is. So don’t worry about that.
However, seeing as school’s starting soon and the only part of DC I can do there anymore is the sketchwork (which I don’t want to get TOO far ahead in), I’m thinking I might get a start on another comic I’ve had in mind for awhile in my spare classtime (for there’s always plenty of it :P). I mean, since there’s no way in hell I’d have time to do another comic in the same mostly-CG style I do this one (seriously, DC’s pages take like, 6-10 hours a piece. And that’s not counting the sketching.), if I do another one it’ll be in a style that I can do mostly traditionally and during school and whatnot. Mostly just to keep myself from being bored out of my ever-loving mind.

Of course, this is just a test page. I just grabbed that prologue resketch I did the other day and inked over it. It’s mostly ball-point pen, with some other miscellaneous pens mixed in for the darker areas. In the long run I’ll probably end up just doing the panel borders in Photoshop too, because obviously I still epic fail at doing them by hand. And in an actual comic I’d have to make a point of making my backgrounds like, actually make sense. This one was scribbled and proper perspective’s just…not there. And I’d probably spend more than five minutes cleaning it up.

SO. Like I said, I need some feedback on whether or not I’d burn anybody’s eyes out with a comic drawn in this kind of style. Sooo, opinions please?

PS. Yes, I’m working on the next DC page too :P Update this weekend, promise.

PPS: And I hope this all makes sense XP

And You Say...

Pokemon? says,

whoa, that looks awesome. 8D your crosshatching skills are to be envied.

BlackCatz says,

Brill page- like the way you sketch - it'd be interesting to see your work - the stuff you *plan* on doing in school- I wish I could draw like you do- even in 'scribbles'! If you decide to post on SJ or on your DA - I'll follow it to see how your style develops and whatnot. XD

Edit: I came by earlier when you were doing the page re-design; and left the above comment; - Just popped in to see if you finished; and it looks awesome ~ Love the sketched Riza in the background!

Ryan and the chickens says,

Thumbs up! Though really, it doesn't matter, what ever is quicker for you.

Selvendor says,

I like it!
Sketchyness for the win!

Werer says,

Man... that's dediaction, how on earth are you able to keep up at this rate? I struggle with my comics and I barely do more than 3 hours a work per piece, updating once a week! All those shading techniques is really cool too, I really love how it's all done.

Captain Ghost says,

Kay, seriously, that looks great.

Mad skillz, right there.

Tenshi Yami no Neko says,

That looks good. I like it. What's your next comic gonna be about? So going to fave it btw.

Xentrick says,

1)The Page look great.
2)HOLY CRAP, FINALLY!! I finally caught up after not reading since JANUARY! Then again school sucks that way.

sweets8 says,

Eyeburning in the sense that it's so sparkletastic I'm going blind, that kinda thing. If you watch spongedbobz, use that as a reference if you will 8B

Comments, anyone?