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Chapter 4: Page 11

August 24th, 2008, 1:30 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Ok, first off, you're probably wondering why I inked page 10 traditionally as opposed to Photoshopping it. Well, see, I had that page maybe...3/4 of the way done when my computer decided it'd be funny to shut down on me and basically destroy the file. Because at the point in the week I didn't have time to do two pages like I usually do by today, and because I absolutely despise redoing things the same way as I did already, I just decided to ink it since that was faster and easier, albeit not as nice looking XP. Oh well.

Anyways, yeah, Riza's making an idiot of herself again. We should all be used to it by now XP

Also, the faded speech bubbles on these pages are meant to indicate whispering/speaking quietly. I dunno if that makes sense or not XP.

Sooo, I start school again tomorrow. Oh joy. It's funny how a week ago I was excited, but now I don't wanna go back. Gah. I gotta get up at like, a quarter to 6. I haven't been going to bed until 4 or 5 all summer. XP I'm gonna die.

On the upside, my brother's starting middle school this year and has to be up before I leave, so my mom gave me permission to rudely awaken him tomorrow =D. Mwahahaha.

Anyways. Yeah. Enjoy the pages. More next weekend unless I like, die or something. Which actually isn't terribly unlikely, what with my school being so screwy. If the honors classes don't kill me the food will XD.

EDIT: OH! You all need to tell me what you think of the new layout for the site. I mean, there's still some adjustments to be made (I'll probably fix the comic pages so everything's not so squished.), but I'd like to get an overall idea of what you guys think. There's a poll on the homepage, but some commentary would be good too.

Oh, also, there's finally a link to that forum I set up like, however long ago XP. You guys are welcome to go post stuff and actually make it like, live, haha.

EDIT 2: Ok, I JUST realized that for some bizarre reason I put 5 as the page number here O_o; I have no idea why. Just pretend it says 11.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Riza.. you're so busted! Nice pages - Love the underlying tension - what will happen now? ....

Edit: I actually beat you this once ~ :)
I like the new look of the site; I popped in a few pages ago when you were working on it; and noticed it wasn't finished; so I came back later the same day and found it was done - I like the new logo; and the background sketch of Riza is really cute; and it all looks great - and the page taken from notebook paper is great - ties into the opening chapter where Riza starts sketching in homeroom.. XD

LOL at plot to wake brother up.. how are you gonna do it? Mine used to use the chinese water torture; and I used to use a bullhorn.. ah the days... *snicker*

Good luck with beginning school again ~ hope it all won't kill you; and hope the school had the foresight to hire someone new to cook the food over the summer - you never know; eh?

Hazumirein says,

@BlackCatz: XD You did indeed beat me.
Anyways, glad you like the new look, and I'm glad you caught the notebook paper reference, haha. I wasn't sure if anyone would.

Anyhow, as for my brother-waking plot, I'm gonna get him back for all the times over the summer I was woken up by some rather poorly played guitar riff coming from his room. The idea is to sneak in (he's a heavy sleeper-he won't notice), turn his amplifier on and up really loud and then just start playing the guitar (and by playing, I mean just strumming randomly. *doesn't play guitar*). With any luck he'll fall out of bed or something. Anyway, no matter what I get a laugh out of it.

BlackCatz says,

LOL ~ I'm sure that'll work ~ Maybe you'll tell us in a mini-comic ~ that'd rock...Wish I could ship you my bullhorn ~ XD

DJHyena13 says,

The fifth panel is hillarious xD

Captain Ghost says,

... ...

Pretty new layout! :D

I wish I had skills like that ;-;

Pokemon? says,

Awesome Layout, and roflmao Riza! XD

.Key. says,

The new layout is a clever tie-in with how this story started - I like it! Especially how the font of the links to the side looks hand-written.

Xentrick says,

Oh never were one for stealth.

Anyway, the layout for the new site looks pretty cool. The whole notebook theme brings a welcome sense of reminiscence from the first chapter.

On a final note, YOU LUCKY PUNK! I so wish I could do that to my sister, but she wakes up for college before me. Maybe I'll just put my alarm clock in her her room. It's so loud, we've actually had complaints from our neighbors. Any way keep up the great work on this wonderful comic.

P.S. Is Riza gonna transform into her full wolf form soon or not, come I'm starting to get annoyed waiting.

P.S.S. Chibi Riza is so cute!

sweets8 says,

This is why you wait until AFTER the scary mightdobadbadthingstoyou being goes -away- before leaving like a squirrel on redbull. Seriously *tsk,tsk*

Comments, anyone?