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Chapter 4: Page 15

September 20th, 2008, 4:26 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

What'd you think she'd do, run and hide? XP

No, this is actually not the update for this week. Consider it a bonus page for there only being one last week. There'll still be a normal, 2-page update tomorrow, or possibly Monday at the latest (depends on how long my English essay takes to finish. They're easy pages, so they're not taking as long as they usually would. 16's done, and the linework for 17's almost finished. Not my favorite pages really, but they'll be here.

XD I was giggling at Riza's evil face the whole time I was drawing this. I love drawing her facial expressions.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

*brr* Shivers actually ran down my spine when I saw Riza's expressions on this page ~ poor Spirit Foxes ~ they don't know who/what they're facing eh?

ooo another 2 pages this week? I gather the cookies helped! XD

Sorrows Neptune says,


Asj says,

She looks... too happy. Heh. ^_^" I guess I may have been kind'a like that if I was her. It's fun fighting things with sticks. :P

sweets8 says,

Yes. Riza loves that expression most, I think.

Oh, and what was that saying? Beat many things with the stick you carry, carry a big stick to play hockey with your enemies, big sticks are good for whack-a-demon.....

Smart @$$ 101 (Guest) says,

A stick

heres a better idea use a hoop as well. XD bt wouldn't that skick chacht on fire?

catfire13 says,


Comments, anyone?