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Chapter 4: Page 19

October 5th, 2008, 11:40 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

If you would, kindly ignore the first panel here. It refused to cooperate. Though I swear, what's there now if much better than what was originally. I seriously redrew that part from scratch in Photoshop with a completely different picture than before.

ANYWAY. Pages! =D
So, you guys know that "Find the difference" thing I had up as filler last week (took it down now because it was pointless)? Well, since no one actually found the difference (Tyto was the closest, I believe), I'll just tell you: Traditional inking. See, I haven't done that since sometime in chapter 3 because, well, it didn't look that great. My inking was never that brilliant, and I never had a decent pen anyway. However, just for fun, I gave it a shot with an actual artist's pen I recently picked up, and found that didn't look that bad. Upon scanning it and messing around in Photoshop, I found that you could barely tell the difference zoomed out. There might be a small loss of detail or something, but nothing significant. So, I figured eh, why not, and inked this page by hand. Which seemed to save me some time, but I couldn't be sure since work on it was scattered throughout the week. However, I realized Friday that I'd made a mistake and saved over the only-partway finished anyway page 18 with this one. So, running out of time, I put the inking thing to the test and figured yeah, it definitely saves me a couple hours XP. Plus, at this point any part of this that I can do during the school day as opposed to at home is a huge help. So, if you actually managed to read all this, tell me what you guys think. Seriously, the only thing I did any differently than usual here was the lineart, and that's not counting panel borders, speedlines, etc. The idea here was not to really have a visible difference, so if you can't tell, good. ^^

Um, anyway, I'll shut up now, seeing as I have a rabbit hutch to clean XP

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

oh crap Riza.. now what?

Nice 2 pages btw ~ I shivered at Luna on pg 18 when she yelled at Riza... brr...

Tylar135 says,

so... who the mystery person.

HyperSpring says,

I think it looks pretty similar, unless you actually know what to look for you cant really see a difference.

And... I love how Riza gets so violent. It made me laugh~ Can't wait to see what happens next though <3

Kalid909 says,

I say; go for it! I haven't been able to tell the difference, the art looks just as nice, so feel free to keep at it with the traditional inking and art and all that jazz; If it saves you time then I think that makes it doubly as good.

By the way; the suspence of this cliff-hanger page is killing me. 0_0

Comments, anyone?