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Chapter 4: Page 21

October 11th, 2008, 10:03 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

What?! Another new character?What's that crazy author thinking now?

XD Don't you guys love it when I pull stuff like this?

Anyway, these were done, so I figured I'd put them up now so I didn't have to do it tomorrow when I'm trying to finish other stuff. So, here you go.

Oh, yeah, for anyone who's ever had trouble seeing Luna as feminine, THAT'S what a male werewolf demon looks like.

And You Say...

Werer says,

Wow, that's so cool, and what a twist! I'm so eager to hear all about him!

BlackCatz says,

Awesome! What an unexpected turn of events! Who's he?? *wriggles in excitement*

Kappamaki says,

if i were only a wolf . . .

ooh cute wolf guy!

love your pure animal characters btw!

HyperSpring says,

Yay! New character~ And a dramatic entrance too!

Tenshi Yami no Neko says,

o.O a new character?! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! What's his name, huh huh huh huh huuuuhhhh??????????? X3

Hazumirein says,

XD I had a feeling you guys might like him. As for those of you who consider this a plot twist, well, wait until you read the next chapter or two. *evil grin*

@Tenshi: You'll find out his name in a few pages :3

sweets8 says,

Aw, Riza will be able to take care of herself -someday- *pets* No biting! No more treat for you, give me that snickers back!!

Sindorei says,

Thaaaaaaaaaat's not Luna..... O.o'

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