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Introducing the Demon Files :3

October 26th, 2008, 5:50 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hi guys :3

Ok, first off, obviously I don't have pages for you this week. You can blame that one my computer, which decided to die and corrupt my Photoshop file when I was about 3/4 of the way finished. Not that I wasn't behind anyway, but...yeah. I'll just not take that week off in between chapters like I usually would.

Anyway, Raus here was doodled up as part of the layout for a new page on the site: the Demon Files, which contains info on all the types of demons encountered in the story so far, and is narrarated by our bookworm of a male protagonist, Daemian (with some help from Riza and Luna of course). Anyway, you can find it here, or go through the link on the extras page (yes, there's finally something there).

Anyway, provided nothing comes up (you have no idea how busy I was last week. End of quarter at school. Ugh), we'll be back next week with the end of chapter 4. Until then, have a Raus =D

(...Oh, who am I kidding, no one likes him anyway.)

Hazumirein says,

Oh, by the way, I have a question for you guys. You've probably noticed that when I don't have pages for you I try to make up for it with some sort of filler art. What I want to know is if you guys like this and I should keep doing it, or if I should not do it and only ever put pages and other necessary things up. So, tell me what you think, please?

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Filler art please! ><

You draw so awesomely, so I enjoy looking at the art and noting all the detail - like on this one, the mane, the eyes, etc etc... I wish I could have a tenth of your talent... *goes off to pout a little bit*

Captain Ghost says,

Agreed. It's purty to look at while waiting for a page :P <3

HyperSpring says,

Filler art is WAY better then nothing, and almost as good as a page... Maybe as good? Depends on the art XD But almost anything is good. (ish) :P

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Looks epically awesome.

Charlotte057 says,

so pretty :3

Comments, anyone?