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Chapter 5: Page 5

December 7th, 2008, 1:23 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Gah ><

I seriously wanted to give you guys two pages this week, and I really tried, but it just didn't happen. I started this one Thursday night, worked on it as much as possible every day since, and still didn't get it done until just now. Busybusybusy...and totally not done yet ><

Um, anyway, enjoy. Maybe if I don't have TOO much to do this week I'll have 3 for next week to catch up again...but that's pretty unlikely -_- Grr. I'm sick of being behind.

Anyway, you might notice I've added some little vote buttons for webcomic lists DC happens to be on...don't bother with's button, that doesn't do anything really, but feel free to click on the vote buttons for Buzzcomix and TWC. The incentives aren't anything really special at the moment, but they are things you guys haven't seen yet, anyway. I think after this week I'll use something like previews of the next week's pages as incentives for you impatient people XD

...Something tells me that bit didn't make any sense, but you get this idea XP So, um, if you're enjoying the comic, vote please? Maybe?

...Yeah. *runs off*

And You Say...

Niah says,


Daemian looks so cuuuute in the last panel!!!!

BlackCatz says,

I second that! *glomps*
*runs off to vote*

Sorrows Neptune says,

well, if you're sick of being behind, why not lighten up your schedule for this web-comic? it's not like it's a job, or that we're all insane readers who'll get you if you keep being behind (Â…right?)

Hazumirein says,

@Niah: XD I do rather like that panel, what with Dae's pathetic little wave thing.

@Catz: :3 Whee.

@Sorrows: It's not that I couldn't ease up on the schedule, or that I think you guys'll be mad or anything, but the fact is I WANT to keep going at the rate I have been with this XP In fact I'd like to update more than I do, but that's pretty impossible at the moment. Don't worry, it's really just the way I am. I feel unaccomplished and lazy when I'm not getting stuff like this done XP

XxHaNlxX says,

doo dee doo -waltzes in-
I started reading yesterday and had to stop for class that night and into today and I finally got around to catching up and it's awesome I've got to say, you really brought me in hook line and sinker 8DD looking forward to your next update and I will definitely vote for you =3

Comments, anyone?