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Filler: Some Werewolf Demons.

December 14th, 2008, 2:11 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Um. Yeah. Obviously I didn't get those pages done like I wanted to >< Gah. My weekend ended up a little busier than I expected, with a trip to the vet's for my rabbit (don't worry, he's fine), a school play to attend, and the upperclassman Snowball Dance (during which I just hung out with my friends all night since I didn't have a date), it's been hectic :P And now my head's all stuffy; I think I'm getting a cold. And I still gotta go clean my bunnies' and guinea pig's cages. *dies*

Anyway, instead of pages, have some werewolf demons. That aren't Luna and Lunos :D I just scribbled them up for fun one day; they're not characters or anything.

I'm thinking I'll let you guys name them if you want. Haha, feel free to make suggestions.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Names, eh? Can't think right now.. Too tired- didn't get to bed until 2am last nite- went to my company's Xmas party_ had fun but zzzz...
Dates are overrated. Still I had fun! XD

zetina says,

Archer and Foxy? |D;

Sorrows Neptune says,

Fan Fic! :D

"as soon as Riza started to run towards the werewolf, she suddenly froze as another werewolf demon came out an ally two houses away from the two new mysterious werewolf demons.
'Archer! Foxy! stop messing with these people…'
this Werewolf demon was dressed in a pale, grey cloak that covered this new sinister characters body. all Riza could see was this demons snout, one of it's hands, the claws half a foot long, and the sinister figures tail. the tail was very long too, probably five or six feet long.
'Heh.' said Archer, still serious and not grinning at all. foxy said nothing, she just continued to grin, and sway her tail back and forth.
'…come. we shall deal with them later. they won't be any use of our plan. not yet,'
the sinister figure turned around and started to walk away. Foxy did the same. in the blink of an eye, Archer was was inflicting a monstrous punch to Daemon, in the cheek, than right before daemon could cough out any blood, Archer did another monstrous punch to the chest. Daemon coughed out a good amount of blood, gasping for air. during this, Archer had a slight hint of a grin, but now sadness and anger filled his eyes, and he frowned, and than followed Foxy and the new sinister figure.
Riza looked at Daemon, and than their new enemies, and Riza ran towards the werewolf demons, but they were gone."

BlackCatz says,


@Sorrows: you rock! Luff'd your fan fic!! You're amazing...!

XxHaNlxX says,

I don't know about Foxy, she looks more Vixen to me xP

and for the male....Lupe
xD yay for obvious xD

Hazumirein says,

@Catz: XD Yes, dates are definitely overrated. I had plenty of fun just with my friends.

@zetina: XD Very straightfoward.

@Sorrows: O_O ...*applauds* Oh wow. Wasn't expecting that. *saves fic* X3 Very nice. I had to read it a few times to really get it, but you might be on to something there. Hmm. *evil plotting commences* Thank yoouuuu, by the way X3.

*gigglesnort* I had to laugh when I thought of what Daemian's reaction to that fic might be. "O_o; Why am /I/ the one that gets beat up?!"

@HaNl: Yeah, Vixen works a tad better, I think. I like Lupe too :3

@Everybody: To be honest, I do have names for them, but I kinda wanted to see what you all came up with X3

zetina says,

Vixen may sound nice, but it doesn't mean "flirty" like "Foxy" >8D

Kelly XD (Guest) says,


well i think rodd for the guy and feiria for the girl

sweets8 says,

Ah sookiesookie, name the left guy Beo, plzplzplzplzplz! 83 *puppy eyes* (if you hadn't done so already) dunno bout the chikky, maybe snix, I don't know why XD

Comments, anyone?