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Happy Holidays :3

December 24th, 2008, 12:52 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Happy Holidays! =3

XD I guess this deserves some explaining. For some reason I couldn't come up with anything strictly DC related for the holidays (especially since I've put Dae in a Santa suit for the past couple years and it's getting old), so I took the main characters of my 3 main plots and put them in funny costumes instead XD. The top most one is obviously (human) Riza, who seems a little skeptical of the reindeer antlers and ears (which are a headband, by the way, not real). The middle character is Sierra of the Unemployed Angels
story, which is slowly but surely coming together and should be up as a comic sometime in the next couple months (I hope. It doesn't get in the way of DC though; I promise.) The bottom character is called Rhett, and he's from a story that I'm only recently putting together, tentatively titled Licao. It's still a huge work in progress and very underdeveloped though; I don't even know if it'd be a comic or just a story. But I'm liking the idea behind it (which I'll tell you some other time), so I'll keep messing with it when I feel like it. XD Rhett's also the first male main character I've had in a long time. Most of my leads are girls, haha. It's sort of weird.

Anyway, these 3 are collectively known as the Ariesville heroes XD Or something dumb like that. See, they're all the stars of their own stories, which all take place in the same town/area of Ariesville, PA (which is fictional, just for the record, but the area's loosely based on where I live to make it easier for me to figure out.) All the plots are in different time periods, however, so in all technicality this picture is impossible because they'd all be different ages instead of roughly the same as they are here XD.

Anyhow, I think that's enough of my rambling. Hope you all have an awesome holiday, whatever you may celebrate :D. (I, personally, am looking forward to Christmas XD)

See ya :3

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Merry Christmas to you!
I'm looking forward to Xmas too XD

Comments, anyone?