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Chapter 5: Page 12

February 1st, 2009, 11:16 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know, I actually had these pages done on Friday O_o. 11 was done by Wednesday because we had a couple of snow days off from school this week, and somehow I managed to finish this one in about 3-4 hours Friday night. Usually it takes twice that time O_o. Weird.

And I bet I'll never be able to do it that fast again.

Uh, anyway. 'Till next week.

(The bunny-boy's name is Oliver, by the way XD)

PS. Oh, for some reason for the first time ever it occurred to me to use the elliptical marquee tool to make speech bubbles on this page. And while it was faster...I think I like drawing them myself better XD I dunno. It's weird.

PPS: This page was also weird because I was using two different lighting schemes >< Funny part is, despite that, it took hardly any time to shade.

And You Say...

Kochi-chan says,

Oliver is soooo cute, I really liked this page. It was a nice idea to draw the story he was explaining. You are very talented.

BlackCatz says,

Oliver is adorable! XD

Really effective of you to illustrate the story as he's telling it...

Lucky you, snow days? Lucky... I had a ton of snow dumped on me just before Xmas, but I didn't have any snow days off work :( although the schools were closed... oh well.

fancy pants (Guest) says,


Love the comic. Also Oliver must be a large bunny if the mass stays the same...wait a second..large? bunny? OMG OLIVER IS THE BUNNY!!!

Hazumirein says,

@Fancy Pants: XD Actually...I was thinking about that particular half-creature rule the other day, and realized that it made absolutely no sense. ^^; I think I had larger animals in mind when I put that one down. Whoops.
XD And if you mean the bunny from the chapter covers, no, it's not Oliver actually. This page isn't in color, obviously, but if it was Oliver would probably be a grey bunny instead of a brown one. Just...because.

XD I'll shut up now.

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