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Chapter 5: Page 14

February 8th, 2009, 6:18 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

...I just realized I totally forgot to shade Luna's shorts. Oh well.

This update was almost late XP I literally finished this page like, 20 minutes ago. Then I had to eat dinner XD. But yeah. Had a busy week and then an essay to write this weekend that, unfortunately, was a somewhat more pressing matter than comic pages.

Anyway, these pages aren't anything special, I guess. Just keeping the story moving. And Riza making an idiot of herself AGAIN. I swear that wasn't the way she was originally supposed to be XP Oh well. It makes you guys laugh, right?

Actually, just for the record, this chapter's almost over O_o I didn't realize how short it actually was until I finished the sketchwork. Only 19 pages altogether. So that's 2-3 more weeks, depending. Go figure. 6 is kinda long though, so it makes up for this one, I guess. *shrug*

Uh, anyway. See ya next week.

And You Say...

fancy pants (Guest) says,

I've got some cement

Your remember that plot hole about Luna getting back without the crystal? Shouldn't Riza's door have been locked too? I'm thinking that maybe they had some kind of "our world, let us through" bypass. But that's just an thought I had.

and now my first update since starting to read this comic. Here's to you! and here ends my prescience...presumably.

also I always thought a half creature was when someone like Luna and a human...okay, but now I know they're their own species.

BlackCatz says,

Oh god Riza- not again... *have lost count of how many times Riza has gotten in trouble*

Comments, anyone?