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Chapter 5: Page 19

February 21st, 2009, 11:43 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Oh my.

...Lunos is a bad guy? D= Oh noes.

I LOVE doing this. I really do. Plot twists are my best friend. ^^

Some brief explanation about the previous page:
Dae and Riza are in different rooms, in case anyone was wondering.
Also, "Nagra-lah" is an elvish term. No, I won't tell you what it means.

ANYWAY. If you guys aren't too shocked or anything, being the end of the chapter, this'd be the time to COMMENT! Seriously, tell me what you think of the chapter, the comic itself, the art, whatever. But I need feedback! D: I feed off it. (Feed of feedback. Ahaha.)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter (though it wasn't terribly eventful). I'm taking a week off to get chapter 6's sketchwork underway, so I'll see you guys *checks date* ...March 8! I think.

Mwuhahaha. *scampers off*

And You Say...

Mel (Guest) says,

Liz. You're a genius. It's one in the morning, I'm running on three hours of sleep, and you STILL made me geek out at my computer. You = epic win.

Captain Ghost says,



It's three in the morning, but I think I'd have the same reaction at a normal, human time of day.

Good job. o-o

Tessan12 says,

DonĀ“t lay a finger on Dae!!!! D:< *angry*

I wanna see more, becuse 1. I wanna know what hapens. 2. If I shuld be angry/mad on him.. XD

Werer says,

I love the shadows on the wolves! So cool, and intricate!

Sorrows Neptune says,

I just noticed, I looked at the average comic-rating for this web-comic on it's Smack Jeeves comic profile, and it said "0 ratings". quite shocking.

also, "Sweet! Lunos is a villian!" *high fives*

BlackCatz says,

zzz... was up til 2 am both Friday and last night.. not much sleep this weekend - got too much going on.. still you managed to wake me up with the realization that Lunos is a possible jerk that the gang should be without!

Overall, the chapter is win; and with Riza providing the laughs as usual. *shakes head at Riza*

Looking forward to the next chapter... XD

Kandri says,

Amazing plot twist! Luna is the good character, and Lunos is her bad counterpart! Love it! :D He better not touch the both of them, or I kill him >:[ it'll probably be the opposite, though... xD

But I love your drawings and the way you use shading and screentones to make them come alive! :D It looks awesome! ^_^ Can't wait to see what happens next!

Hazumirein says,

@Captain: XD Well go me, if I can produce reactions that late at night. Thanks ^^

@Tessan: XD I think we all kind of want to know what happens, hahaha. X3

@Werer: Thank you ^^ I'm rather proud of the way that turned out.

@Sorrows: Why does it not surprise me that you're happy about that XD

@Catz: XD I seem to have woken a lot of people up with this one XD Anyway, thanks, glad you liked the chapter. And Riza XD

@Kandri: XD I guess you'll have to wait and see. Glad it was a good twist though ^^
And thank you! I spend a good amont of time on the art, so it's always nice to hear that's good too.

fancy pants (Guest) says,

maybe Lunos isn't really a bad guy, his comment makes him seem like mercenary type, so right now it's his employers fault...unless he has a private contract thing.
I thought Luna might keep an eye on him, but I guess not really. and now I'm pounding my head against my table to see if I can get anymore of my prescience to come out.

Advocate (Guest) says,

See, Riza really needs to get some genre savvy. She would have seen this coming miles away. 'Course, her taking in Dae shows a bit of savvy as well... But that's probably her being hyper...

sweets8 says,

Ohnooooes, Luna was right not to trust him T^T

Aw, one of those guys who gets ya to like him and *tch* mule leg kick!

Comments, anyone?