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Chapter 6: Page 1

March 6th, 2009, 9:11 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

...Dae definitely swears a lot more than any of my other characters. Hmm.

Anyway! Hi all. Figured I'd just put this stuff up now to get it out of the way; busy weekend ahead ><. You'll have to excuse this page for being mostly text and not really getting us anywhere, but the first pages of the chapters are usually like that :P

I can already tell this whole chapter is going to be a pain as far as art goes >< I'm about 4 pages into the sketching and I've already run into a lot of issues. Gah. So, if there happen to be late updates in the future, they may be due to artistic frustration XD

Anyway, I'm s'posed to be watching a movie to write an essay about for English class right now, so, till next week.

And You Say...

Yubria says,

poor guy. can't wait to see what is going on!

BlackCatz says,

Missed you last week; then remembered you were starting a new chapter...

you're right, Dae does seem to swear a lot more than the others; but that's part of his personality, I guess.

...nice to see a new chapter beginning ~ wonder what will happen to Dae now...!

Asj says,

Aww... I got to the end. v_v
Oh well. I should be doing homework anyways. ^_^"

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