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April Fools.

April 1st, 2009, 4:42 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Just making an announcement. I hope you all continue to read and enjoy the comic.

Meanwhile, if you're curious about what's been eating up my time to the point that I needed to resort to this, look here, you'll understand.

And You Say...

Kirlily says,

.... You did NOT just rick roll me.


faith241 says,

......that was...somewhat interesting... lol

fancy pants (Guest) says,


Thank you Kirlily, because of your warning I am able to keep up my status as being NEVER RICKROLLED!! HAH! also, happy April fools everyone...but me not being rickrolled wasn't a joke. also, thanks for the nonYoutube site. Now I can rickroll people with more efficiency!

BlackCatz says,

*rolls eyes*

Thanks for the warning guys! XD

Sisyphus (Guest) says,

Fun Facts...

Fun Fact: That Rickroll site opens a window for each line in the song. You must click "okay" to continue, and you (apparently) cannot interact with anything on your computer while the window is open.

Fun Fact: On slow computers, like mine, the computer will give you the option to stop the script halfway through the video.

Fun Fact: When the script is stopped, the window remains open, but can no longer be closed. You are still unable to interact with anything on your computer.

Fun Fact: I have no clue how to restart a script once it has been stopped.


pwnlil says,

don't blame hazu blame ur self for having a sucky computer jerk XP

shadowrider7 says,

OMG! I was Rick Rolled! XD Now I can say, I have been! Coolamundo! >=D

Sorrows Neptune says,

weird, a day before seeing this post, that SAME EXACT rick rolled thing popped up on my computer when my brother was on it.

my comment was: "Best pop-up, EVER"

Ryan and the chickens says,

And this is why NoScript for Firefox is the best thing ever period.

Also omfgsuperkawaiistyle!!!!11!!

sweets8 says,

oh, you dirty dirty whore. X3

had to click on that a bajillion times. what a precious waste of comic reading time.

I leaff you now!!!

jk, jk, buckets o' luff >:3

ComicCollectorXXX says, that again...took forever to get rid of that dick rollder thingie...

Phendrana (Guest) says,


good comic, $15.00
book of jokes $20.00
DreamCatcher rick roll'd?...

Comments, anyone?