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Filler: Chibi Invasion

April 5th, 2009, 4:31 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Yeah...obviously I don't have pages for you guys today. I didn't have time to do them over the week like I wanted, and I was at Tekkoshocon all yesterday and with the friend I went with for a good portion of Friday and today. And now I don't really even want to move XP

So have some chibis instead. I don't usually like drawing chibis, but I had a strange urge to do it the other day XD. So I doodled a bunch in my physics notebook instead know, paying attention in class XP.
I intend to color them all eventually, but Friday night I colored Riza and Raus and made little pins out of them for my friend Shizzy (who is Raus's biggest fangirl, for some reason) and I. We stuck them on our bags for the con XD.

Anyway, you guys should all know the DC chibis, but you probably don't recognize the others. They're all from my upcoming (yeah, I've been saying that for a year, but I mean it this time) other comic, Unemployed Angels. The two angels are Allie and Alex, the girl with the feathers in her hand is Sierra, and the smiley dude is Jarred. You'll be seeing more of them soon.

Anyway, moving on...feel free to tell me the one you'd like to see colored next, if you want.

And You Say...

Fibio (Guest) says,

Chibi Luna looks hilarious, just FYI :D

Yubria says,

those are so cute!! definitely Luna- she looks so annoyed at being so cute. ^.^ and then do Dae. :)

Sorrows Neptune says,

I say color in either Daemon or Luna next.

BlackCatz says,

Those look soo cute! XD

Tessan12 says,

Daemon :P *I´m a Daemon-tan-girl XD*

Comments, anyone?