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DC Poster Coloring Contest :D

May 14th, 2009, 10:27 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Ok! To keep you guys occupied until I get some new pages up, I thought I’d set up a little coloring contest (Which is much simpler than my last contest XD). I have this lineart here for a DC poster, and while I will eventually be coloring it myself, I thought it’d be cool to see what you guys do with it.

Alright, I’m making this really easy for you. In this image here, I’m /giving/ you the flat/base colors of all the characters, just as a reference so you don’t have to go digging up all their colors elsewhere (though you are welcome to poke around my DA gallery for other colored pictures of the characters, if you want more reference). You don’t have to use these exact shades, and feel free to make minor adjustments if you think a piece of clothing or something might look better a different color. Be creative!

Also, you can do whatever you want with the dreamcatcher and the background; I don’t care what color that and the feathers and stuff are XD.

Anyway, go to DA HERE and click download (top left corner of the page) for the full-sized lineart. It’s pretty big. Of course, if you don’t want to/ can’t color it digitally, feel free to print it off and do it in colored pencil/marker/crayon/whatever XD. Whatever you want, as long as I see a scan of it.

Otherwise…just have fun XD. This isn’t a terribly serious contest. I think I’m only going to pick a first prize winner, but I’ll do second and third if I get enough entries. Prize(s) will just be art requests, probably a full CG for first place; not sure what I’d do with any other places just yet.

I’m not going to pick a definite deadline yet, but for now I’ll say sometime in late June, maybe early July. That’s more than enough time to color a picture, I think.

Anyway, my birthday’s on Sunday, so make me happy with pretty colors :3

(...Not that I expect to actually get any entries by Sunday XD)

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

ooo! colouring contest! I'm so in.

Wow, your birthday's Sunday...does that mean you'll be um, 18? Anyway, congrats! :D Where I am, you'd be legal age to go to the clubs, etc :D

Yubria says,

ooooooh- i'll have to remember to do this when i get bored in the next few weeks afters school's out. :) and happy early birthday!

Sorrows Neptune says,

Phew, I thought this was the winning piece for the contest. I completely forgot about the coloring contest!

Hazumirein says,

@Catz: Whoo!
And I'll be 17, actually (17 on the 17th XD). I can't wait until I'm 18 though, mostly so I can go to my dad's and friend's bands' shows that are at bars and such XD. Not that I haven't done it before, but still.

@Yubria: Yay :3 And yeah, after school's out would be a good time for this XD. And thank you =3

@Sorrows: XD Nope. I just thought I'd save the trouble of digging up color references for the characters and just give you the bases.

Comments, anyone?