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Chapter 6: Page 20

May 29th, 2009, 2:16 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Yeah. I know. It's not Sunday. XD But here's a page.

I seriously spent all day yesterday trying to get this done, and everything that could possibly get in the way tried to. I ended up finishing it off around 12:30 last night XD. Luckiily, the English final I had today was easy, so not really studying for it didn't hurt me much.

Anyways, the only real purpose of this and the next page, I think, was to postpone having to draw the fight between Lunos and Luna. Because while drawing them fighting the spirit demons wasn't bad, drawing them figthing each other is FREAKING HARD. And it will show. Just you wait XD Anyway, in the meantime, just enjoy Riza and Dae.

If we're lucky, we'll have a regular two page update this weekend. But I have to work that around doing a bunch of stuff for physics and probably helping move our horses from one farm to another. But yeah. We'll hope. If not this weekend, finals are over on Wednesday, so I'll have most of next week to work on pages. So yeah.


PS. I had absolutely no idea at all how to go about drawing the first panel. Really. So excuse that.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,


I can't believe this... another page on a day that isn't Sunday?!

It's a good thing you had English final ~ that's easy to bluff thorugh with doublespeak.. ^^;;

I can see why you might have trouble drawing the fight between Lunos and Luna... still I totally admire the last panel ~ the perspective is amazing...O.o

Have fun with your physics and the horses :D

Yubria says,

another page! yay! although i kinda wondered about the whole wolves in trees thing... but since it's fantasy you can pretty much stretch reality in any way you want... (esp since these aren't regualar wolves anyways.)

fancy pants (Guest) says,

it still looks like both Luna's blades are not broken in the last panel.

sweets8 says,

Horse's?! My sistah will steeeel them away from yuuu's. No. Seriously. Go hide them. Nao!

And on another, more random note, yay, finally got up to date on the pages *dances* it is two in the friggin' morning, so here *bulldozer of hearts avalance upon yuuz* for making this sparkle-sparkle comic, many luvs upon you, nao I goes to bed now? kthx, bai *zzzzzzzzz*

Comments, anyone?