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Chapter 6: Page 32

June 21st, 2009, 2:26 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Made a last minute decision to put these two pages together for a normal, 2-page, Sunday update XD. There haven't been many of those lately. BUT. Now that I've spent the last two weeks busting ass to get this chapter done, I get to take a few days off XD. So we'll be starting chapter 7 /next/ Sunday.

Speaking of, you have no idea how happy I am that we're done with this chapter. With this entire story arc. XD It took WAY too long. But, seeing as the chapter's over, well, you know what that means. Now's the time to COMMENT and tell me your thoughts, good and bad, and ask questions, present theories, whatever, on the chapter and the overall story so far. You guys know I love feedback of any kind. SO START TALKING.

Anyway, like I said, next weekend I'm starting chapter 7, which, by the way, is the last chapter in the first volume of DC =D. And I can't wait to get to it because it's going to be such a fun chapter. No crazy demons, fights, anything--it's almost just for fun's sake. Don't get me wrong, it's a necessary part of the story, but it's not half as serious as the last 3-4 chapters have been XD. That, and in this next chapter it's DAYTIME. THANK GOD. XD I'm getting so sick of toning everything so dark to show that it's night. Ahaha.

OH! And before I forget (again), don't forget about the poster coloring contest! You know, from a few weeks ago. I probably should have ended it by now, but in everything that's been going on I forgot about it just as much as everyone else ^^; So, uh, yeah, I'd like to see some more entries for that. So break out your crayons (or other coloring utensils).

Anyway, I'll shut up now. Don't forget about commenting, and the contest if you'd like to enter, and I will see you guys next Sunday--just like usual. For once XD.

And You Say...

Sorrows Neptune says,

I simply cannot wait for volume 1 of DreamCatcher. The first thing I thought after reading this page was "Hey, only one more chapter until this gets published!".

I won't be entering the coloring contest by the way :/

BlackCatz says,

I'm entering the contest.. just gotta find the time to do it *shifty eyes*

Woohoo! a chapter end! Awesome! And glad to see that Riza is a big enuff character to apologise! that's great... XD I didn't expect that.. >.>

I'll have to re-read the whole chapter to tell you my impressions of it overall, but I do know that I'm still unswervering in my loyalty to your stuff XD

fallingfeather says,

Excellent chapter *clapclap*

Captain Ghost says,

Lovely :3

seems to me, especially these last few pages [would have to go look back a bit more but...] your art's improved =3

...though it was always nice to look at from the get go x3

My net's on the fritz though, so... hopefully I'll have more to say in the future, but bye for now ^^~

[Keep up the good work!~

Guest! (Guest) says,

Feedback... hm... I'm not much for registering for things, but you can add +1 to your fan counter :D
Nicely done.

mamakitty247 says,

hmm wonder why they want daemian?

Comments, anyone?