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Filler: Age Meme

July 13th, 2009, 10:06 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I think you guys'll find this more interesting than the DA kids. There was a simple little age meme thing going around, and I just had to do it. And being me, I couldn't just do it for one character XD. So I did DC's four main chars (minus Luna), and then an extra (also a DC char, of course)that I'm not telling you anything about >:3. In fact, I'm not explaining any of this. Again, it's up to your interpretation. For now.


And You Say...

Sorrows Neptune says,

Like I said on DeviantART, that last one is genius.

Hazumirein says,

@Sorrows: Yeah, actually, I'm a little confused as to what you mean by that XD. I meant to ask on DA, but never quite got around to it.

Sorrows Neptune says,

Ehh, I'm talking about the panels with the mysterious unknown character. The panel for when he's age 25 just stuns me.

fancy pants (Guest) says,

personally I can't help but wonder what Riza would look like as a 5 year old half-wolf.

Kimuri (Guest) says,


I wonder if the split panels at the end of the characters means that they will each have a double life, just like Riza. I mean look at their ears.

Zoal says,

last guy

Did anyone else notice that in the first panel of the last character, his ears are more rounded? also, i love his ears later on, they're beautiful. it's hard to see Deamian's in the first one, but you can see that Nirako still has pointed ears even as a child, so why doesn't the last guy. perhaps he's from earth too. DUM DUM DUM DUUUUUU (i actually have no clue, so no, if this is right it still doesn't constitute a spoiler because i had no idea, it's just speculation)

TheMewgon40 says,


What happened to Riza's dreamcatcher in her third panel?! Her alternate self is gone! Did she lose it and rediscover it later on? Was the original one DESTROYED? I guess only time'll tell...

Comments, anyone?