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Chapter 7: Page 15

August 16th, 2009, 9:40 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Finally. *sigh of relief* All caught up on pages. I think. Unless I miscalculated something. Whatever, there's five new pages here, that's plenty XP.

SO. Now we know the horse's name (or at least what Riza thinks it is), and that she's once again managed to convince one of her friends to do something they'll probably regret. She seems to be better at that than I intended for her to be. Oops. On the bright side, Dae's actually no newbie to horses, which he'll be explaining himself next week. And I swear there will be a normal update next week if it kills me.

On a slightly different note, I think around now is a good time to slap a sort of disclaimer on this chapter: This is fantasy, I'm making it up, and this is one of those chapters that you really need to take with a rathe large grain of proverbial salt. Like, seriously, in real life you would never, ever want to jump on a horse you didn't know like that, ESPECIALLY one that was bucking and rearing only moments ago. Obviously, Arashi there's a bit smarter than your average pony. That, and again, this is not a serious enough comic that I can't take a chapter to just have some fun every now and then. XD I usually like logic in my fantasy, but not all the time. So just ignore the complete idiocy that pretty much all of this chapter is and enjoy it.

Anyway, I'm outta here for now XP

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Dae's an idiot...for listening to Riza.. we know that XD

Let me rephrase my last comment.. 5 pages? Wow! You're awesome! XD

Comments, anyone?