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We did it! =D

September 6th, 2009, 4:43 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

YOU GUYS. THIS IS EPIC. The first volume of DreamCatcher is FINISHED! =D WE DID IT! *celebrates*

I say "we" because, frankly, this would never have happened without you readers. Sure, I did all the drawing and whatnot, but when it comes down to it, I'm a really lazy person. I don't get much of anything done without the right motivation. And let me tell you, knowing that people are waiting for updates and wanting to find out what happens next is a colossal motivation booster XD. So, for that, I owe every last one of you a giant THANK YOU!!!! =D

Anyhow, obviously, the DC cast here decided to have a little party. Er, well, Riza probably decided to do it and just dragged everyone else along. She even invited Raus, who seems very happy to be the one holding the cake XD. Luna, on the other hand, doesn't seem too pleased to be the one stuck holding the sign, but then again she's never all that happy. Finally, being the bookworm that he is, Daemian seems to be holding a print version of DC.

...Wait, what?

YES! Since volume 1 of DC is technically my graduation project, and I need a hard copy to turn in, there will be a print version available, most likely via (because I'm not special enough for a real publisher XD). Not right away, as I have a lot of work to do to get that together, but I'm hoping by around Christmas or so. XD I know that seems like a long time, but if I'm going to make this available for people, I want it to look good. So I have a lot of redrawing, editing, and extras to do. Plus a cover. I honestly don't know what I should put on that yet (suggestions are welcome).

Anyways. I just wanted to celebrate for a few minutes before I started on all the other junk I have to do XD. As I typically do, I'm gonna take next week off of updates to get things in order for the next chapter and to work on the stuff I need to do for the print. I'll try to remember to give you guys some fillers in the meantime :3. So I'll see you all on the 20th, I think.

BUT. Before I go. I say this as the end of every chapter, but I really mean it this time: GIVE ME FEEDBACK.
Seriously, if you have /anything/ at all to say, SAY IT! I don't care if it's a small congrats, an insult, a question about the story, the print, the characters, anything. Speak now or forever hold your peace (Not really XD. I'm open to feedback anytime, I'd just prefer it now).
Honestly, I'd like to take any questions and just do a big Q&A thing sometime. That could be fun. So TALK, people!

Okay, I'm done now XD. I'll see you guys later. *waves* Bye now, and thanks once again for being such awesome readers :3 Couldn't have done it without you guys.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Woohoo! This is epic news, although I did already know some of it from your DA.

I'm so in line for a copy! :D

I'll go and re-read the chapter overall to give you my opinon, but I love Arashi. Poor Dae.. I felt sorry for him... ^^;

digital_devotion_101 says,

My Feedback

Congrats on finishing the first volume!

This is one of my most favorite comics here on smackjeeves! It's exciting to think that a printed version will be available. ^_^

Kandri says,


Wow, volume 1 finished O_O Omg I'm totally getting a print of DC, no matter what! >:3

Ohoho, we may be awesome readers, but YOU are the awesome artist <3 I don't know any other comic that managed to accomplish this much! Can't wait for the 20th ^_^

Fibio (Guest) says,

I'd say you did it. You've successfully created a great comic, with a good premise and from some of the hints a well thought out plot line, and best of all stuck with it, to the point where you can actually call it a book. Well done. Seriously. And I wish you all the best with DreamCatcher, which is one of the few comics I read that I genuinely look forward to reading each week.

Now, you wanted feedback and the biggest thing I'd suggest is leaving a book at chapter six. Six provides a level of drama and foreshadowing that would be well severed for the final chapter, not least because you also have an epic battle at the end. Seven, IMO, would be better placed as an introduction for anyone picking up the second book (which I'm sure there will be ;)) as not a huge amount happens, though you do find out about the characters and the ongoing story.

I’m sure there are other concerns when deciding the volume length, but from a pure consideration of the plot, this is what I’d suggest.

Don’t get bogged down in the semantics now though. Happy end of volume!

Sorrows Neptune says,

I'd have to agree with Fibio about ending volume 1 at Chapter 6.

TheDeepDark (Guest) says,

I can see Fibio's point. At the same time, it by no means has to be done.

There's a lot more I'd say, but I can't seem to make it come out the way I want. Good stuff all the way!

VG wolf (Guest) says,

Hey, wonderful work! Saw this comic on a whim and was hooked the second I saw it. Too bad I can't buy online...

Anywho, Congratulations! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Captain Ghost says,

Heyyy owo

Congrats! ^^

I'm sure you must be proud. I would just say to keep up the fantastic work, you've got something good here :)

Sorry I don't have much else to say ^^V

Guest says,


Well, I don't have an awesome critique or anything, but I must say that I love this comic! The storyline, the art, the emotions, the shading, all very well done! I hope you continue to update as often as time permits. And congrats on Volume one! Yay!

Comments, anyone?