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Chapter 8: Cover

September 20th, 2009, 2:57 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, here we go. I figured I might as well just put this up, since it doesn't look like the first page that goes with it is getting finished today. I did start it last night, but my motivation to work on it today sorta went away when I was informed this morning that my guinea pig had passed away. I mean, she was really old, I was expecting it, but still. I wasn't about to spend all day on an activity that allowed me a lot of time to sit there and think about it.
...Now that I think about it, I hope I didn't have any homework this weekend, because I'm not really up for that either :P.

Anyway, I'll get that page to you guys next week or something, I guess. Honestly, I'm not gonna be pushing myself too hard with updates for awhile because I have so much crap to do with the print volume (not to mention just school and figuring out how to pay for college and all that fun stuff). I mean, I'm still going to update as regularly as possible, but if I don't get pages done on time, oh well. Sorry about that :P.

In other news, this isn't a particularly exciting cover, I guess. I really didn't have the faintest idea what to do with it >< So I just went with something simple. It'll do, I guess (The funny part is is that I know exactly what I want to do for the cover of the next chapter :P). Also, you might notice that the page is a tiny bit wider. They'll be like that from now on. I'm changing my working size a little so I don't spend as much time resizing the pages for the next volume as I'm going to for the first XD. I really had no original intention of printing DC, so I didn't think about it, but now that I am I'm kinda like, "crap, this is the wrong size." Oh well, I'll figure it out. But yeah, wider pages from here on out XD.

By the way, I apologize for never replying to all the comments you guys left on the end of the volume. I did read everything, don't worry, I just never got as far as writing back XP. So, I'll just say thank you for all the congratulations, suggestions, and other responses you guys left me :3 I really do appreciate it, and I am taking the suggestions into consideration, at least. So thanks for taking the time to leave me comments and stuff.

...I don't really sound very enthusiastic about that. >< Sorry, obviously I'm just not in the greatest of moods at the moment. Anyway, I'll see you guys next week. I think. I don't see why not, anyway.

And You Say...

Captain Ghost says,

sorry to hear about your guinea pig =(

BlackCatz says,

Sweet.. we finally get to meet the fire mage! ;D

D: Bummer about your guinea pig... I'm sorry to hear about it... D;

Comments, anyone?