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Chapter 8: Page 2

September 26th, 2009, 10:31 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I haven't put this much work into a page and still not liked it in a long time. Evidently 3-point perspective is still a bit beyond my ability, so I gave up on that after I epic failed that gate. Let's just pretend it's slanted inward? I dunno.

You know, for the longest time, I was trying to figure out what was making this city so desolate and empty looking. Then I realized that I hadn't put any people in it. So, I pulled out these people-silouette brushes that I don't even remember where I got and attempted to populate Relecross. XD I'm not sure it worked. But oh well.

Anyway, Arashi is not impressed. Whether that's because he's seen better cities or because of the prospect of another rope, I'm not sure.

Yeah, if I had anything else to say about this page, I forgot. I'mma got back to watching old sitcoms on Nick@Nite now.

Wow, I'm such a loser XD.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,


I adore Arashi.. I'm sure he'll be an asset to Riza's insane schemes.

Hazumirein says,

@Catz: XD Oh, he will. And if you like Arashi, you're going to love Xan ^^

Falconer says,


The only reason the perspective is weird is because the gate doesn't look like it's in the same perspective as the rest. The buildings should have the same slant to a perspective line that the gates have, and then it'd be right. As much as I hate the tedious nature of drawing perspective myself, it's important stuff...3-point is little fun, but it does look cool.

Still likin' this comic btw though I don't think I've ever commented despite the fact I've been reading for quite a while...>_>;; (I think it's the rope btw XD)

Though while I am commenting, the layout has been bugging me foreverrrr...x_x I just don't like that I have to scroll for the layout AND to view comic pages. Two scroll bars ftl. D:

Hazumirein says,

@Falconer: I know they're not in the same perspective. They were in the sketch (although it was by no means correct), then I pulled it up in Photoshop and tried to do it properly. And failed. So I gave up after the gate. XD I'll go back and redo that eventually.
...Of course it didn't help that I designed a city where 75% of the buildings are on a freaking angle ><.No idea what I was thinking there.

And I know about the layout, it's been buggin' me for quite some time too >< I just haven't quite had the time to do anything about it yet (because coding layouts takes foreverrrrr XP)I'll try to do something about that sometime in the relatively near future, but I make no guarentees.

Regardless, thanks for the comment. It's appreciated :3

Yubria says,

Lol, I love how unimpressed Arashi is at the bottom! (I'm also loving his personality)

TheDeepDark (Guest) says,

Daemian gets no love. I'm right there with you, man. We'll make it... Maybe

those fancy pants (Guest) says,

well, I think it's time I comment again.
I wanted to post on the book update, but I really couldn't put it into words, so I had to leave it blank, but now I'd like to say I enjoy your comic very much. It has a nice blend of serious and funny moments that makes this it's own thing; I normally read serious or funny comics, there aren't to many that blend them together as well as this one does. I'd put this comic on my list of favorite things, right below Ice Cream, which for me is huge. :)

onto the current times, They're headed to the Library? I don't think Libraries and Xan mix well. So this could get interesting. :3

Comments, anyone?