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Filler: Mirror Image

November 7th, 2009, 12:49 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Bwahahaha. This was a product of a bit of boredom and not feeling like working on anything important on...Monday? It's been haunting my desktop all week. It actually scares me sometimes when I minimize stuff XD.

Anyway, I don't have much in the way of information to give you guys on this one; just call it a small teaser or something for what's eventually to come in DC. Not any time soon, but eventually. I'll leave you guys to ponder over who the "bad guy" here is, so to speak. Pay no attention to the "she" in the song lyric up top; it's just the way the song (Rise Against's "Savior", by the way) went. There were more appropriate songs/lyrics to put there, I just really like that particular tune XD.

Anyway, enjoy the "RAWR"-ness.

And You Say...

BlackCatz says,

Meowr? *ears go flat*

That's a bit wonder it freaks you a little when you minimize stuff...^_^

Fibio (Guest) says,

Hmm, Riza looks very... wolven, rather than the puppyish look she usually adopts, I'm a little surprised by how well it suits her.

Also thanks to you I've now got that song stuck in my head ;)

Wyattj14 says,

Wo Ho!!!I love Savior! It's the best song EVER!

fancy pants (Guest) says,

I'd like to guess as to who is the real evil one here! It is not Riza. Riza is a main character and to happy-go-lucky. the only way I'd think she'd go rawr like that is if Dae, my supposed monster, did something, like say inflict a critical wound into Luna. Furthermore,dae is that elivish term, whatever it was, and was a street rat; he's going to have secrets, so I think this is not manipulation, some demon or something in dae.(Like naruto!) Also further suggested by the fact that dae did not previously have fangs or lizard eyes.

jaina (Guest) says,


Aren't those words a series of lines from Savior by Rise Against?

Zoal says,

Reply: Song

I read those and that is exactly what i thought of!!!! and now to go listen to it!!!

Rath1girl says,

\m/ >w< \m/

great song to go with this pix!
I love Savior! ive been blasting Rise Against for the past week (mixed with metallica and other rock songs lol)

Comments, anyone?