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Chapter 8: Page 13

January 17th, 2010, 9:24 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Ok, it's about time I got back on track updating these mirror sites. Well, I did give you guys an update last week, but I've been neglecting DA and DD. I'll get to those in a moment. Anyway, again, while I'm going to keep updating here and those other places, the new site--now the main site--will be a few pages ahead. For example, I just put pages 16 and 17 up there (which reminds me, I need to go update the archive :P). So if you want to know what happens next, once again, pretty much all the links on this site are now rigged to take you to their counterpart pages on the new site. So just click something that doesn't look SJ related. Yeah.

Again, you're welcome to keep reading the comic here, but I'm mostly continuing to update this site for the sake of picking up new readers here on SJ. If you're a veteran, I'd much rather have you over at the new site :3. So come on over, guys.

EDIT: Ahaha. Yeah. Again, I was having computer issues, so I gave up trying to tone this page for the sake of, well, updating. This isn't permanent. I'll tone it eventually, and the next pages are toned. Just a one time thing.

And You Say...

NekoKira says,


rainysidewalks says,

I want a huge shelf with a rolling ladder like that!

iEatsYourSoul says,


That's a LOT of lines for the books. @__@

werekitty13 says,

I know about 20 people that would do that.

Comments, anyone?