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Chapter 8: Page 22

March 7th, 2010, 11:35 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I like this page better than the last couple. The first panel makes me smile.


Remember how I said I was gonna drop down to one page a week for a few weeks so I could finish the book? Well, I’m still probably only gonna get one page done for a couple weeks, but now it’s because I don’t even have a computer.
Yeah. Last Sunday, I went to my school’s hockey team’s game, since it was a state championship and they were trying to get as much fan support as possible (and because the team captain’s a friend of mine XD). It was fun. But, I came home and tried to turn on my computer, which had been working fine before I left, and…it wouldn’t turn on. Like, all the lights came on, and the fan and whatnot was whirring, but the screen? Black. Not just a blank screen; it wasn’t even on. Tried it a couple more times, still nothing. The repair people said it’s probably something with the motherboard -_- Luckily, it’s still under warranty, so they’re fixing it for free, but I’ve still been out of a computer all week. Everything’s backed up on an external harddrive, but still. I’ve been stealing my brother’s computer to get, as predicted, one page done, but there’s no way I can steal it enough to have everything done for that book before grad projects are due. I’ll still do it, but I’m just turning in the site and the comic as a webcomic for the project. I think they’ll take it, considering the still massive amount of time and effort that goes into it.

On the bright side, the hockey team are now state champs. This is good news because my school is notorius for sucking at sports. Yay.

Anyway, enjoy the page.

And You Say...

NekoKira says,

Ick, sucks about the computer. Least its free. :D
And if they don't take this wonderful comic of yours, they are stinky poo-poo heads and must die. >:D

Captain Ghost says,

Hmn.. I think I had that computer thing happen to me once.

My hockey coach took the battery out and then put it back in I think, and everything went back to normal. =s

Anyway, best of luck @ _@`

Eruraina7 says,

*new reader that just caught up*

Aw man, sounds alot like what happened to my computer a few months back. My motherboard even had burn spots on it. One minutes it was working fine, the next it froze, I turned it off, and it never turned back on. Difference is that mine was no longer under warranty so it's still out of comission and I have to steal onto my dad's comp...

crystal6mad says,


Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu says,

I was going to wait until I got tho the most recent, but damn, I'm loving this guy.

Comments, anyone?