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Chapter 9: Page 24

July 12th, 2010, 5:50 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Happy Monday kids! Have an update!

Not a lot to say; Riza and friends are just exploring the base a little. Luna has some concerns.

Next week's update will actually finish off this chapter (finally). I'm kind of excited about chapter 10; not a lot happens as far as plot progression goes, but there's a lot going on. It's sort of a transition chapter between one story arc and the next. It's kind of fun.

Anyway, don't forget to click the little TWC vote button above the comments. The incentive is actually my original floor plan for the base. It's not totally accurate anymore, considering that I drew it a year or two ago, but it's close. I thought it was interesting. Enjoy.

Also, apparently I start college tomorrow. Yeah. Go figure. O_o;

And You Say...

Tessan12 says,

haha bookworm to the labiry x'D

Crazygirl132 says,

*joins Daemian in libarary XD*

Christo556 says,

whoa, what a comfy house *takes a look around*

luvsmepokemon says,

*bashes the door open on mad dash into the library* Brain Food!!!!!!!

Lordseth (Guest) says,

Poor Raus is going to get all lonely now.

Comments, anyone?