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Chapter 9: Page 26

July 19th, 2010, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Annnddd so ends the chapter! Finally! I don't actually know offhand how long this one took. Longer than I wanted, as usual; I originally wanted to have it done closer to the beginning of summer. Oh well, what else is new.

ANYWAY! I'm looking forward to the next chapter for a couple of reasons (forgive me if I mentioned any of this last week). )One, it will be chapter 10, therefore I have finally gotten my chapter count into the double digits XD. That's only taken, like, 4 years? Something like that. I remember that at my tenth b-day party, my family all said, "You're in double-digits now; it's all downhill from here." I still can't decide if that's true. I think it might have been until I turned 18, 'cause now I can drive and stay out late and I'm done with high school and I'm pretty okay XD. </tangent>
Uh, anyhow, the other reason I'm psyched for chapter 10 (but slightly afraid of it at the same time) is that is totally different than any other chapter I've done so far. It doesn't have much in the way of story progression, actually; it's kind of a transition chapter between arcs. I make up for that with some introspective stuff from Riza, a visit to the real world (finally), and just some hanging around and daily-life stuff with the characters as opposed to wild adventures (and the lack of action is, hopefully, made up for with humor). There's also a bit of flashbacking and a sort of surprise scene that brings to light some characters that I think some of you have been wondering if would ever appear. (Go ahead, try to make sense of what I just said).

Back in reality, however, I have apparently started college O_o; I'm not entirely sure how I got suckered into doing so now; I wasn't supposed to until October. I'm already regretting it a little, but at the same time it's only, like, 3 classes right now and they're kind of fun. Anyway, being that I still have 4 days a week off, it shouldn't affect the comic. I do, however, need to go analyze a design, whatever that means, for homework. So I'll see you guys next week with the start of Chapter 10! =D

OH YEAH. Also, being that this is the end of the chapter, now is a good time to leave me all sorts of fun comments on the chapter as a whole (or this update; whichever). If you'd like to actually discuss what's going on in the story with each other (and me), I recommend checking out the DC FORUM. *pokes link up top* Please? They're very lonely D:

EDIT: Oh yeah, the TWC vote incentive this week is similar to last week's...only this time, it's a screenshot of the 3D Google Sketchup model I made to help me cheat in drawing the Base XD. Unlike last week's, which was my old original floor plan, this is the Base in its current form (minus some of the furniture and such. Not perfect, but it helps a lot. Eventually I'll get some screenshots of it together and put them up on the extras page for you guys.

And You Say...

luvsmepokemon says,

i love this comic how it is... i dont want to see it change in a drastic form... thad' be sad...

Guest says,

i know riza. we all love this place. omg i actually had a frikkin dream about it last night... >.>' i need a break from reading this comic non-stop anyways but still dont take too long on ur next update plz!~ p.s. im not trying to be pushy so im sorry if it seemed that way. o3o

1TailKitsune says,


Read to here in one sitting ,IE 3-4 hours IE till 5 in the morning .X3

I love the variety of the cast and creatures. The expressions of the characters are awesome and work perfectly with the diolog.

On another point, I want to be in Riza's place =3

hex the crimson fox (Guest) says,

yay chapter end
edit;has read all chapters all day, best online comic EVER

Hazumirein says,

@luvsmepokemon: Nah, nothing's going to change dramatically, the next chapter's just a little weird XD It jumps around a lot. It's fun though, you guys'll like it.

@Guest: I wish I had dreams about this stuff! XD You would think because I write it, I would, but I almost never do. My dreams are all strangely realistic O_o. Anyway, the comic updates every Monday, so there will be new stuff tomorrow :D

@1TailKitsune: XD 3-4 hours sounds about right to get through it. There's not THAT much here yet. Anyways, thanks, glad you like the cast and expressions and such :D Hearing stuff like that makes my day brighter.
Also, I want to be in Riza's place too XD. I think most people would like to.

@hex the crimson fox: Haha, I'm glad you think that, thanks :3

Comments, anyone?