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Chapter 10: Page 5

August 9th, 2010, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey kids! It's update time! We're taking a moment to see what's going on in the real world before heading back to Rokenthia. And look! Aiden's being...Aiden!
I actually don't expect you guys to fully understand this scene; it's sort of a personal thing that was written quite awhile ago anyway. It's enough that you get the idea of what Riza deals with with her friends, and why she likes Rokenthia so much in comparison. This part's place in the story will actually make more sense in chapter...I think it's 12 :P

Anyway, we'll head back to Rokenthia next week. Meanwhile, here's a little known fact about Luna: She has a sister. I don't really have a name for her, and she probably won't ever come up in the actual story, but she does exist. The TWC vote incentive this week is a doodle of her. She's a little girlier than Luna XD. So yeah, click that vote link and go look at that. And then go talk about these pages, as well as this virtually nonexistant character, if you like, in the DC forums! *pokes link at top of page*

And You Say...

Katt (Guest) says,

Best. Webcomic. EVAR! <33
God, I love this so much. I love all the anthro wolfies, and rainbow dragons, and spike demons~
All I would change is put in a little twist about how Riza is becoming more wolf than human. Like from that movie, The Cat Returns.
But that's just me. You dun have to :3

Hazumirein says,

@Shika192: Thank yoouuu! :D It's always awesome to hear that people love the comic. Then I know I'm doing something right XD. And yes, Aiden does have a bit of jerk syndrome >>; You get used to it XD.

@Katt: Thank you! =D Glad you're enjoying it so much. And keep reading, the wolf thing may come into play a little more in the future ;3

Ducky (Guest) says,

omg! i'm in love with this comic! i just finished reading it the whole way through, and at the end i kept clicking on the next page. xD hehe, in all my blondness i was absolutely positive that there *had* to be another page. xD
But anyway, your drawings are amazing. :3 can't wait to read more!! ^^

Erro (Guest) says,

Well, you guys seem to enjoy this comic, so why not head down to the forum. Lots of great stuff there... or there would be if we had more people.

camolotthecreator says,

camolot says

oh, hey!
she uses Windows XP!
i like that OS.

Comments, anyone?