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Chapter 10: Page 9

August 23rd, 2010, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You guys were thiissss close to only getting one page this week. Luckily, my work ethic pulled through and I managed to finish page 8, do a homework assignment, and then hurry up and do 9 (And now I need to go do more homework before I go to bed, as I am uploading these at about 1 AM Monday morning :P) all in one day.

So enjoy. Even if they aren't the most spectacular pages I've ever done :P

I do love Luna's face in the last panel though. What is she doing, anyway? Find out next week! (I hope!)

And You Say...

DarSasu says,

OMG! Is she using the clacker things!? I love those XD

lordseth (Guest) says,

Is it a yo-yo? is she practicing walking the dog?

Salimus says,

Uh ho, some one looks mmmmmmaaaaaaaddddd.

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Looks like a temper tantrum is gonna happen. Someone might need a time out!

limited2gal says,


i just read page 1 yesterday, and now i'm caught up to the latest page!
hope to see more updates!!

eruerupan says,

Hi, I've been a quiet stalker-fan of your awesome comic for a while. <3 I fail horribly at commenting, and since i wanna show my LOVE for these characters I made a fanart~ :3

Hazumirein says,

@limited2gal: Awesome! =D Sit tight till next Monday, and you will see more updates.

@eruerupan: OMG. You just made my day in ways you can't even imagine =O That fanart is amazing! I love it! <3 You caught everyone's personality so well! especially Riza's gun-ho-ness XD And I absolutely adore Luna in the background. Her face is just perfect XD. And Dae and Arashi just made me smile X3 Thank you soooo much! Do you mind if I put it up in the fanart section of the site? I want to show it off XD

crimson fox says,


what are those round white things that luna is using

Comments, anyone?