DreamCatcher: Dae's Demon Files

[Daemian: Um, hi everybody. Welcome to the Demon Files.
I think it's pretty obvious that this world of ours is a pretty dangerous place, and one of the things that make it that way is all the demons running around.
Luna: *glare*
Dae: Er, well, some of them.
Luna: That's better.
Dae: Anyway, I've got a lot of free time around here, so I do a lot of reading up on stuff like this. I've compiled some essential info on several of the types of demons you'll find around here, so I thought I'd share it with you all.
Riza: In other words, he's gonna try to make himself sound smart.
Dae: Quiet, you. Anyway, first off...]


Werewolf Demons

Location: Rokenthia, Almatierra, Northern Aitahki
Prefers moderate-cold temperatures.
Omnivores, but are partial to meat.
Lifespan: 50-70 yrs., 60 being average
Males: 6-7', usually 6'4"-6'7", bulky and muscular, 300-400 lbs.
Females: 5'10"-6'8", usually 6'0-6'5", leaner and faster than males, 200-300 lbs.
Appearance: Usually solid colored with occasional small markings, mostly around the eyes. Common colors are black, white (mostly in the northern regions), and shades of red, gold, grey and brown.
Bipedal, with digitigrade feet/legs. Fairly large claws/teeth. Often seen wearing some articles of clothing, particularly shorts, and sleeveless shirts on females. Males usually have more/bigger whiskers than females.

Lifestyle/Other: Werewolf demons live in often large "packs", though they're more similar to villages. They tend to stay primarily in one area, only moving if absolutely necessary. They typically live in small shelters built from whatever materials are available to them. Packs work in much the same way as normal wolf packs, with different ranks and some, usually ritualized, fights for dominance. Werewolf demons, however, consider themselves more "civilized" than wolves. They're frequently seen wearing clothing, wielding weapons, and occasionally "lone wolves" will make their homes in multi-race/species towns. They also possess the ability to learn human languages as well as those of animals. Werewolf demons' average life spans are only somewhat shorter than humans', and typically couples mate for life, producing 2-4 pups on average, usually one or two at a time.

[Luna: Anyone who asks why I don't have a pack or mate will be impaled on the spot.
Riza: Luna, you're scaring the readers...]

Spike Demons (Lesser)

Location: Rokenthia, Terrasuenia, some in Khartaesia
Prefer moderate-warm temperatures.
Lifespan: 8-10 yrs.
Size: 1-2', usually about 1'6", 30-50 lbs.
Appearance: Fur-covered, spiny, usually dark blue-black in color, with brown hairs mixed in. No markings. Small dog-like appearance. Pointy-rabbit like ears. Long reptilian style tail ending in bunch of spines.
Not much difference between male and female.

Lifestyle/Other: Lesser spike demons live in groups of anywhere from 3 to 20, usually led by a single or mated pair of greater spike demons. They hunt in small groups or alone, usually for small prey like birds, squirrels and rabbits. Typically found in forests. Not particularly intelligent, but vicious fighters. Cannot speak human languages or take other forms. Typically mate once only, producing litters of 3-8. Upon reaching maturity, the lesser Spike Demons will either choose to leave the group and join another, or remain with the same.

Spike Demons (Greater)

Location: Rokenthia, Terrasuenia, some in Khartaesia.
Prefer moderate-warm temperatures.
Life-span: 30-40 yrs.
Forms: Canine, humanoid.
Canine: 2'6"-3'6"k, 80-120 lbs.
Humanoid: 4'8"-5'7", 80-120 lbs.
(NOTE: Body mass does not change between forms; just shifts around)
Canine: Large dog-like appearance, typically solid colored (dark blue-black) with flecks of brown mixed in. Spikes on back of neck, shoulders, chest, elbows and tip of tail, usually gold, orange or brown. Black claws. Males have large eye teeth that poke outside the mouth when closed, and larger horns that curve back like a hook (female horns are straight/curved slightly in the opposite direction). Reptilian style tail. Small, detached, unusable wings. Instead of whiskers, they have sensory slits on their faces for detecting movements in the air for aid in hunting.
Humanoid: Usually fairly thin and scrawny, messy hair in color of spikes. Retain tails, horns, ears, wings, eye colors, sensory slits, and claws. Males usually also keep some fur-spikes on their elbows.

Lifestyle/Other: Greater Spike Demons usually lead packs of Lesser Spike demons, either alone or with a mate. Their groups can have anywhere from 3 to 20 members, and the Greater makes all major decisions on hunting, food and labor division and other factors.
Greater Spike Demons are born in their canine, sometimes referred to as their "true" form, and gain the ability to take on a humanoid form as they grow older. They have the ability to learn and speak human languages in both forms.

[Riza: You know, Raus and his pack are the only spike demons I've ever seen around here. Shouldn't there be others?
Luna: There are, he's just the only one stupid enough and lazy enough to try to steal from me instead of hunting for himself.]

Rat Demons

Location: All continents.
Can handle pretty much any climate.
Omnivores. (They'll eat anything (or anyone).Seriously.)
Life-span: 5-7 yrs.
Size: 1'-1'6", 20-40 lbs.
Appearance: Basically large rats. Rather round and plump looking, thick, hairless legs with sharp claws, hairless ears, thick, sectioned, whip like tails. Long, sharp incisors for biting (Note: Their saliva is highly acidic to aid in digestion of...well, anything, so bites often sting or burn somewhat). Usually gray or brownish on color with fur length depending on the climate of their location. Slightly glowing green eyes.

Lifestyle/Other: Rat Demons usually live in large packs, are very territorial, and area always hungry. Anything that wanders into their area that isn't a member of the group is more than likely going to be dinner. The packs usually have an alpha male and female, who fight for their position rather than inherit it.
Rat Demons usually live in the dark corners and alleys of cities and towns, and residents of the area tend to learn to avoid such spots fairly quickly. They usually look for food at night, and will go after anything from a garbage can to the neighbor's cat.

[Riza: You know, you're sounding progressively less professional here.
Dae: I know, shut up.]

Spirit Demons (Lesser)

Location: All continents.
Can handle any climate.
...No one knows exactly what they eat...
Life-span: ?
Size: Usually 1-2'.
Appearance: Don't have a constant form, but usually vaguely fox or cat-like. Wispy, flowing sort of look. Always white with a slight glow to them, with white-gold eyes. Overall, very ghost/spirit-like in appearance, hence the name.

Lifestyle/Other: Very little is actually known about spirit demons due to their lack of a consistent form and the general danger of being around them. They tend to appear out of thin air and then disappear just as quickly. It is speculated that what you see of them is not their true form at all, but rather just a chosen form to make themselves seen, with the creature itself being invisible to the human eye. Also, no one knows what exactly the inside of their mouths are made of but seeing as no one has ever been bitten by a spirit demon and lived to tell the tale, it's probably safe to say it's dangerous.
It appears, however, that it is easy to destroy them (or possibly just break their form for a bit). For example, Riza's proven that all it takes is a stupid stick to take them out.

[Riza: It is not a stupid stick! It's a cool stick!
Dae: Whatever. ]

Spirit Demons (Greater)

Blackheart Demons

Millennium Demons

Poison Demons

Horn Demons

Sirius Demons

Arma Demons

Puma Demons

Hunter Demons

Taurus Demons

Bonehare Demons

Vulpe Demons

[Dae: Well, there's supposed to be more here, but my notes seem to have disappeared...*glances at Riza*
Riza: What? It's not my fault if you lost them.
Dae: Um, anyway, the rest of this'll probably be filled in later on as Riza manages to get us attacked by every other species of demon we happen to run into.
Riza: Oh, that's it. *SMACK*
Dae: OW! What the hell was that for?!
Riza: You're blaming me for everything! In front of all the readers, too!
Dae: It's usually your fault!

Riza: Is not!

Dae: Is too!

Riza: Is...

Luna: *sigh* And people wonder why I don't like kids.]