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Dae's Demon Files
Daemian takes some time to explain the various types of demons encountered on he and everyone else's adventures. Of course, his lesson isn't without interruptions.

Author's Formspring
Here, you can ask Hazu questions about anything your little heart desires. Questions about the comic, the characters, her favorite type of cheese, whatever. This is where you want to direct any technical questions about things on the site, the artwork, the writing, making comics, and more general questions about the DC universe and such.

Riza's Formspring
Ask Riza ridiculous (or not so ridiculous) questions so she can give you ridiculous answers! =D Remember that this is Riza herself; she likes answering things about her life on Earth and in Rokenthia, her friends, etc., but she's pretty clueless about anything that goes on on the DC website and whatnot.

Riza's Music Room
Riza's taken the liberty to organize her adventures into a list of events, and put music to it! :D

~More Coming Eventually! =D~